Saturday, December 18, 2010

West Virginia's Senators--disgraceful, both of them.

Well the US Senate decided to try to jam the pro-illegal alien DREAM Act down our throats today despite We, the People, sending the House and Senate a clear message in last month's elections. Senator Jay Rockefeller voted in favor of the bill that would have allowed illegals up to the age of thirty to avoid deportation simply by declaring an intent to enlist in the US military or start attending college. Under this act, they would then be allowed to remain here despite prior criminal records or future arrests, and ICE could not deport them.And once they were granted citizenship, they would each be allowed to sponsor their family members, including the parents who brought them to this country illegally in the first place--parents like this couple. The bill would have resulted in millions of new "citizens" (read: welfare-seekers with voter-registration cards) and would have undoubtedly resulted in the Democrat Party's rolls increasing to the point where elections would become mere formalities in parts of our country.

Again, Jay Rockefeller voted FOR this.

Worse though was our newest senator, former Governor (and Democrat Party hack) Joe Manchin. Manchin just skipped the vote. I won't pontificate on why Senator Coward ducked this vote (and the vote on repealing the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy) other than to say that I find his claim of a family event to be utter and total BS. You wanted to be a senator, Joe--that means that you SHOW UP FOR WORK and you represent the people whose votes you begged for. You're just lucky that the bill went down to defeat because other senators were brave enough to stand up and vote "NO" because you'd have been saddled with it's passage forever had it squeaked by without you standing up to try and stop it.

Oh, and Senator us a favor please and just stay in Washington, DC. You've been there so long that you've lost touch with the people who sent you there and to be honest, a lot of us don't even want you back any more.


  1. Yep, your senators are a disgrace, sadly so are Levin and Stab'em-now.

    Also note quite a few RINOs voted for this amnesty bill and it took some reasonable Dems to stop it.

    Of course, the AP blames the republicans for the failure of this ""youth immigration bill".

  2. At least my SC senators voted against BOTH items... sigh...