Friday, January 14, 2011

A dog at cross-purposes.

If he wants to go for a walk so badly, then why does he keep grabbing at my socks when I try to put them on so I can take him walking? I'm trying to explain to Murphy that him repeatedly pulling the sock away from me and dropping it on the floor just beyond arm's reach isn't going to get him outside any faster. But everything in the world is a toy or a game to a young Shepherd.

"A snow shovel! What fun! You push it, and I'll grab it and yank it away!"
"Firewood! What fun! You stack it by the stove and I'll paw the pile apart!"
"Newspaper! What fun! I can't read, but shredding it is a blast!"
"Your desk! What fun! Watch me get all the way under it when you're trying to use your computer. Whoops! I unplugged it again! Fun!"

If he wasn't so cute, he'd be dead.


  1. I couldn't find my slippers this morning. There they were peaking out from under Barkley's bed. He's learned not to chew them, but he likes to steal them. He also knows he'll get in trouble, so in the night he snagged them, probably played with them, and then tried to HIDE the evidence.

    They weren't the worse for wear, but the look on his face was priceless. BUSTED!

  2. LOL- I'm beginning to wonder who is training who over there...

  3. Sounds VERY familiar!!!! Bouie's especially helpful when I'm trying to put on pants!