Monday, January 31, 2011

The ice storm cometh...

And Murphy and I are ready.

Fresh stock of groceries in...check.
SUV gas tank full...check.
SUV under cover to avoid being iced over...check.
25 lbs of ice melt purchased...check.
Generator tires inflated and it's gas tank topped off...check.
Extra gasoline jugs filled...check.
firewood brought in for wood stove and fireplace...check.
Two propane lanterns prepared with fresh tanks and new mantles...check.
Flashlights set out around house with fresh batteries...check.
Empty water jugs filled to provide toilet-flush water...check.
Ample supply of beer, chips coffee and dog biscuits acquired...check.
Stack of DVDs and books selected...check.

Weatherman says it's coming. Not much snow, but a ton of ice.
Murphy and I say "Bring it!" We're going to hang out until the power goes out, and then we're going to hang out some more. We'll be on line so long as we've got power, but knowing Allegheny Power the way that I do, I'm not thinking that it's going to be for much longer. Y'all take care out there now.


  1. There wasn't a generator to be had anywhere. Since I've lived here I've never seen an ice storm that did more than just make the roads bad for a few hours.

    I have a fireplace with insert that will heat the place nicely, water, food, dog goodies, some books, coleman lanterns, etc.

    You stay safe now.

  2. I think it is the ice storm that did not cometh. But that is ok, OPM said I can stay here another day anyway.

  3. DFW local news showing interstates with cars and trucks stuck dead in their tracks - and a live 'copter shot of an 18-wheeler running about 10 mph with its load swinging to and fro like a pendulum.

    I'm thinking the Steelers and Packers fans brought this upon our fair state...

  4. Hope the storm doesn't last too long!! Enjoy your time with Murphy! :)

  5. It's Groundhog Day and it skeeter in New Orleans! What?!?!