Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Man Movie from the seventies

If you were around back then, you remember this guy.

Sadly, he was a better daredevil than he was a movie actor. But I grew up wanting to be like Evel, and I still have a few scars as proof. I didn't have the custom Harley, but I managed to get in more than enough trouble with my orange-and-white Huffy--the one with the banana seat that I was sure could fly if I just did my part.
Man, I used to bounce that bike off of just about everything. Evel made it look easy.
That's probably why a decade later, when I was riding motorcycles across the country just for the hell of it, this song kept coming back to me every time I twisted the throttle open:


  1. Lauren Hutton is (or at least was) hot!

  2. I met him on an airplane in Boseman. I awkwardly approached him and requested an autograph. The first and last I have ever sought. He was kind, understanding and gracious. A fine man.