Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday Man Movie

In this scene from the 1956 western Seven Men From Now, Ex-Sheriff Ben Stride, played by Randolph Scott confronts villain Bill Masters, played by Lee Marvin.
These were men like you'll not find in Hollywood today. They were real men on the silver screen and real men off it. Randolph Scott was a veteran of World War One, having served in France as an artillery forward observer. Lee Marvin was a former Marine who'd enlisted to fight in World War Two. He was wounded on Saipan and is buried today in Arlington National Cemetery (section 7A, next to Joe Louis and just down from Gregory "Pappy" Boyington). These were the kind of men that I'm hoping my nephew, The Spud, grows up to emulate.

Don't be like Johnny Depp, kid. Be a real man. Be like Randolph Scott or Lee Marvin.


  1. [Altogether] Randolph Scott!?

  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    These were real men