Thursday, January 20, 2011

A traumatic day for Murphy

I took him out with me to run some errands today, and the poor fella had all sorts of bad luck.
First, he followed in the pawsteps of German Shepherds past when he pulled his head back inside the car but didn't get his ear clear as the power window was put up. Every one of my Shepherds has done that once or twice, and now Murphy has a little bare patch on the tip of HIS ear where the window got him. It'll grow back, but the loud yelp broke a few decibel records.

And then not ten minutes later, as I got out of the vehicle and specifically told him to stay out of the front seat, he stepped up into the front seats anyway, and put his paw down on top of my coffee cup, with predictable results. I was almost into the auto parts store when I heard that scream, signifying that someone had just dunked his paw into a hot cup of coffee.

Poor Murphy...he just was not having a good day.

So I took him to the park and we played with his toy. And here's a clip of him engaging in problem-solving when I "accidentally" toss his toy up onto the playset.

OK, I tossed it up there on purpose to see how long it would take him to figure out how to get it. And as you can see, it didn't take him long at all. He immediately realized that it was up there and found a way to go get it. Good boy!

He also contemplated the little twisty slide when I threw his toy down it, but wisely he decided that it probably wasn't his best option. He ran back to the steps and went around to get the toy. Smart dog.


  1. Looks like his day ended help. That help couldn't have been pleasant to listen to. Poor baby.

  2. Such a clever boy! With a strong voice, too!

  3. Sorry, Moogie, that's not him barking. It's a dog in a yard just off-camera. But he sounds a lot like that, only better.

  4. Anonymous6:44 PM

    We learn by our mistakes.
    Especially the painful ones.

  5. Every Shepherd I've ever had had done the ear-in-the-window thing.
    The coffee bit was a new one. Would have been funnier if he hadn't splashed it all over the vehicle and my stuff.

  6. Hmmm...maybe I should get a clever German shephard next time. My beagle mix can't even figure out how to get unstuck when he goes the wrong way around a pole and his leash gets all tangled.
    I always end up having to walk in circles around it to get him unstuck....
    And often times I get my own hair caught in the power window. Owww...

    Wait a sec...on second thought, maybe I'm the one who needs to be replaced with a shephard. :-)

  7. What a gorgeous dog he is! Nice to know he's smart, too :)

  8. Sharp fellow! I'll have to try that toy trick next time with wolfpup Kota. Ranger isn't as toy-focused - he'll take the easy slide but Kota doesn't care - she's completely goofy and will try anything (including trying to climb the stairs on the gym).

    WV:murlywo - what the next drunk blonde will say to your dog.