Sunday, March 13, 2011

And the media wonders why America doesn't trust them

Could it be because they show their objectivity and express their political neutrality by partying with Obama and making fun of Republicans and Obama's critics all night?

Obama and media elites party the night away in DC.

And in the true spirit of that "transparency" that B.O. promised us all, journalists who attended were forbidden from later reporting about it and CSPAN was refused permission to record and broadcast remarks made by Obama and others.

So for those of you in the media who wonder why many of us in real America view you as an extension of the Obama administration, you might want to change your ways if you want us to change our minds. Obama will be gone soon, but your credibility as objective reporters won't automatically return when he goes. Keep that in mind.


  1. Most American media is beholden to the same corporations and moneyed interests that fuel the politicians of both parties. Though they are not without flaws, I would recommend the BBC or Al Jazeera English as general all around good news sources.

  2. Trust the media??? NOT in my lifetime...

  3. NE, I'm wondering if you didn't miss the point on purpose here. This isn't about corporate interests, nor is it something that aids both political parties. It's about media personalities and their editors and producers towing a blatant pro-Democrat line, abandoning any pretense at objectivity as they openly work to elect and protect Democrats while simultaneously working to destroy Republican politicians and candidates. Instead of reporting the news, the the media talking heads are trying to shape it by influencing voters in a way that would make Josef Goebbels proud.