Sunday, March 20, 2011

Da-Dum, da-dum...

Today, Murphy and I are over at the neighbors' house for dinner and a movie. These are the nice neighbors who have been dog-sitting him while I've been recovering.

And as we sit there, enjoying some incredible steaks, I see Murphy cruise past the table on the other side. Actually, from where I sit, all I can see are two big, pointy ears going by like twin shark fins.

Cue the them music from the Jaws movie.

A moment later, the two ears come back the other way. Then suddenly, a muzzle appears over the edge of the table, and a mouth full of sharp white teeth is visible for just a second as it clamps down on an unsuspecting piece of buttered bread on the edge of the hostess's plate. And then the bread is gone, carried off into the kitchen at a run by Murphy, who is pursued by the host's two dogs, each of which undoubtedly wants a cut.

Damn dog...Can't take him anywhere.


  1. Hehehe- Either need a taller table or a shorter dog... :-) And the visual MUST have been a good one!

  2. Ah, the infamous "casual" sneak attack!

    Love the imagery.

  3. The She-Bitch Kota did the same thing - twice in two days. Perfect honey toast Sat and almost acquired a chocolate chip cookie on Sun. She was quickly busted on the latter and gave it up, guiltily. What IS it with these "starving" dogs?!

  4. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I agree with Old NFO.
    How is the recovery coming?

  5. Recovery is much slower than it should have been. My walking time is still measured in minutes per day, but it's getting longer.