Monday, March 14, 2011

Not just "no", but "Oh, HELL no!"

"Uh, we seem to be making people mad, so rather than change our ways, we need guns...but we're not willing to pass concealed carry for anyone else, especially the people dumb enough to elect us in the first place."

This is not a joke--it appears to be the actual thought process for members of the California state legislature.
Some California lawmakers are saying their jobs have become dangerous -- so much so that they want to be able to carry concealed weapons.

They are citing the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) in Tuscon and threats from constituents in California as grounds for them to have easier access to permits to carry weapons, the Times' Patrick McGreevy reports.

"I've had guys physically come up to me ready to punch me out," said state Sen. Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana), co-author of a new permit proposal.

Under current law Californians who want to carry concealed firearms must apply to their county sheriff or police chief and show "good cause" for permission. That can include threats of violence or a dangerous job. Under the new bill, being an elected state official or a member of Congress would constitute good cause. The officials would, like others, be subject to a background check, and a sheriff or police chief could still turn down the application.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca objects to the idea, noting that elected officials should have to go through the same process that requires them to show good cause for the permit. And, in an unusual show of agreement, both gun rights and gun control advocates agree that elected officials should not have special status.
First of all, someone needs to tell Sen. Lou Correa that you cannot shoot people just for wanting to--or trying to--punch you. That silly idea of his just goes to show why the members of the California Legislature are probably some of the last people who should be allowed to walk among us armed. But that aside, the idea that being elected as a "public servant" somehow elevates one to a special class that is entitled to perks and benefits denied to the rest of the citizenry is absurd.
(OK, we won't talk about US Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D)--CA and her concealed weapons permit...)

Sorry California public servants--you have to live just like the people that you rule over work for. You want concealed weapons permits? Fine. Just do what the legislators in most other states have done: pass legislation allowing concealed carry by every law-abiding citizen and share in the benefit with everyone else. Otherwise, you need to stay disarmed, too. After all, We, the People, really don't have any assurance that you're trustworthy with a firearm, do we?

Good for the goose, good for the gander, baby.


  1. Here here! Well said! You win the Internets today! Cross linking now.

  2. Considering that Mr. Correa is from Santa Ana, I'm a little surprised that he doesn't already have a Concealed Carry License. Santa Ana is the worst barrio between East LA and Tijuana. Gun shots are a regular sound and they don't even bother to put signs up in English anymore. They didn't even when I lived there in the 90's. Also considering that it is surrounded by the most conservative county in the state, I would think he should have been nervous long before this.

    Oh, wait, he doesn't have to be nervous about the conservatives, they're nice people. He just has to worry about his own constituents.

  3. Great post! And yeah, reality sucks, but they need to live like the rest of us...

  4. Anonymous11:52 PM

    A classic case of the Liberal mott0,
    Do not do as I do.
    But do as say.

  5. It's the LA times who typically don't care about anybody but themselves, but I posted a few comments, mainly that: Perhaps the criminals in the Capitol don't want the population to be able to defend themselves against their criminal enterprise? These are the people who can't pass a budget, the people who are in bed with and accept campaign funds from the same Unions, Industries and Developers they are supposed to "regulate" - as much as Bell, California perhaps. These are the crooks and liars and scum. They have already proven their financial incompetence and their political incompetence - should they demonstrate further incompetence in more ways? They already enjoy a level of on-call Police Protection that none of us get to have, and in the case of Citizens, the Cops are indemnified against their own inaction.

    If these jerks are unable to trust the People with shall-issue concealed carry, why on earth should WE trust them *AT ALL* with ANY weapons?

  6. Goose? Gander?



    (with apologies to the feathered variety...)

  7. If you look REAL close, Mrs. Brady has a concealed permit from the State of California.