Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Pig is Home!

On a whim today, I dialed up the nice folks at BATFE to check on the status of my long-awaited MG transfer. And as soon as I gave them the serial number and my name, I was told that the transfer had been officially approved this past Monday. YES!

So as I went into town today to run some errands and get a long, long, long overdue haircut, I stopped by my dealer's shop, coincidentally showing up there just as the mail lady was walking in with his mail. And it was there--the formal government blessing of my acquisition, in the form of a tax stamp showing that I was cool to own, possess and otherwise enjoy my new United States Machine Gun, caliber 7.62mm, M60.It took forever for the formal transfer because the seller was less than diligent about sending in the paperwork and actually shipping the gun once he got my money, but it's finally here and finally mine. So I've spent the last few hours doing what guys do with new toys--taking it apart and trying to figure out how to make it work, ideally without breaking it.

Naturally it did not come with instructions. But on the plus side, I already had most of it's manuals because I knew that eventually this critter would get here. Still, there's a difference between reading those dull field manuals and actually working with a 23lb. tool that has a tendency to snap shut on your fingers given the slightest opportunity. And no matter how many times I've read the commandment not to close the top cover on a belt of (dummy) ammunition with the bolt closed, I've already done it inadvertently several times. Cue the clown music.(Note to self: Do not close this top cover with the bolt in the forward position....again.)

Not it's just a matter of repeated disassembly, cleaning and reassembly until I get it down and get familiar with it. It appears to be much simpler than the old Browning 1919 that I traded for it, but it also appears to be more fragile.

I've also managed to stock up a fair bit of fodder for my hungry new toy.

And fortunately, I've got my faithful ammo bearer here, all set to carry belts of 7.62mm and a spare barrel.

Hey! Where'd he go?!

OK, I guess I'm not the only one here who's going to need some training.

Still, I'm happy.

Now I've just got to manage enough walking to get out to the range and test this puppy out.


  1. Video. Needs video. And audio.

  2. What do you want? Video of me trying to get the bolt/operating rod back into the receiver? I think Youtube would have censored that bit for the language content. But the damned thing's back in there finally...and it still seems to work.

    Based on my initial assessment, it looks like this old pig's seen some hard use. But I plan on sending it out to Desert Ordnance for an E4 upgrade sooner or later, so they should be able to fix anything wrong with it.

  3. I am envious sir! I agree with North. Get it up to speed and video operation for the poor wretched semi-auto class, LOL!

  4. Allright! I am an order of magnitude beyond jealous. I haven't fired a 60 since i left the Army in 85. brings back a lot of memories. Yeah, I used to tear my hair out trying to teach newbies about that damn cover. At least you're experienced enough to teach yourself.

  5. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Holy carp and other assorted fish! That is awesome! I third the need for a video!


  6. oh oh oh oh oh .

    Can I touch that?

  7. Woo Hoo! FINALLY! Now all you need is to turn it into a "E" model! :-) Congrats on FINALLY getting it in hand!

  8. That's great!! I'm definitely jealous now!

  9. @ Brigid: I think that a "Brigid shoots the M60" video would make everyone on the whole internet happy, especially if the right targets were downrange. Anyone got suggestions?

  10. My suggestions might get my web site TJIC'd.

  11. OH, MAN!
    I'm so jealous! Good for you!
    I've a long-time friend who had one in the 70's-80's. Had to sell it due to financial trouble.
    I think he paid $3500 for his. I'm betting yours was significantly higher? Have fun!