Thursday, March 10, 2011

REAL Leadership: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Sometimes one man can make a difference.

Newly elected based in large part on his promise to get Wisconsin's bloated budget under control, Wisconsin's Governor, Scott Walker, stood up to the over-paid public employees of that state and told them that they were going to have to pay part of their own retirement (like most Americans do) and play by a new set of rules designed to stop their annual shakedowns of the public for more loot from the treasury by refusing en masse to do the jobs that they applied for and agreed to do.

Now the unions are powerful in that state. They own the Democrat Party both locally and nationally. (Actually they split it with the trial lawyers like some sort of corruption time-share.) So when Walker proposed these new rules for public employees--our employees--and when it appeared that they were going to pass through the new post-Obama, Republican-majority legislature, the unions told their Dem lackeys to abandon their posts and shirk their obligations and run off to hide, basically stopping ALL of the people's business until pressure could be brought to bear to force the governor and others to give them their way.

Well Governor Walker held fast. He wasn't swayed by protests made up of teachers who were fraudulently calling in sick to picket on the people's dime. He wasn't swayed by busload after busload of union thugs from other states showing up to scream, or college kids who don't even have jobs arrogantly telling reporters that this is their fight too. He ordered the Democrats to return to work, and when they refused, he had the bills that they were trying to block re-written so as to not require a full quorum and passed them without those work-skipping union sock-puppets even being there.

Hoo-RAH! Now that's leadership--doing the right thing even when it's hard, just because it's right.

Wisconsin won yesterday, and all of America wins as well. Anything that takes smacks union hands out of the public cookie jar is good for the country. If you want to be in a union and threaten strikes and slowdowns to extort more money from your employers even though you do crap work, then go to one of the Big Three auto companies. But if you want the security and stability of a government job, then you need to take what's offered to you by the people who pay the taxes and their elected officials and be grateful for what you're handed.

The unions and the Democrats both got their asses handed to them by Governor Walker, and life is better for everyone else as a result.

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  1. Corruption time share.. Excellent.