Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday morning man movie

OK, we're stepping out of the Western/war movie genre to recognize another great guy movie...Hooper (1978), with Burt Reynolds and lots of other then-young but recognizable stars. Can you name them as they appear here?

1. The guy Reynolds is talking to in the bar: Brian Keith
2. The young man joining Reynolds in the fight: Jan Michael-Vincent
3. SWAT guy in striped shirt: Terry Bradshaw
4. The big bald SWAT guy: Robert Tessier (see Man Movie two Saturdays ago.)
5. Gal in the bar trying to eat: Sally Fields
6. Guy stepping out the barroom window at the end: James Best

Brought to you by the time when movies used to be fun, both to watch and to make.


  1. Hooper is a fun movie. I never realized just how big Bradshaw was until I saw this movie. I guess when you stand around men who are 6-4 and 280+ anything smaller looks downright puny.

  2. It was and is just a fun movie to watch... it's got EVERY cliche in the book in it :-)

  3. Those are some fancy britches Burt is wearing.