Friday, May 06, 2011

Another day, another act of misconduct by Eric Holder

If this racist corruptocrat wasn't in ideological lock-step with Barack Obama, I'd have to suspect that he's got compromising video of Obama, a goat, a small Mexican boy, and a bottle of maple syrup. He should have been fired long ago. Hell, he should never have been appointed just due to his misconduct during the Clinton administration. But like I said--he thinks like Obama, and does things that Obama wants done but cannot publicly call for himself.

This time, instead of doing his job as The People's Attorney (which is what the Attorney General is supposed to be), he's taking a break from smuggling guns to the Mexican drug cartels and prosecuting the CIA officials who worked to help us find bin Laden and he's intervening in an immigration case to stay the deportation of an illegal alien for no reason other than the illegal, Paul Dorman, is a gay guy.

Now I don't have a problem with gay guys per se. If that's you thing, fine. But we do have a law called the Defense of Marriage Act which was passed by Congress and not declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. This law, which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, is still "law of the land" and valid, and it's Holder's job--and Obama's--to uphold it regardless of their personal opinions on it. We already saw Holder arbitrarily declare this law unconstitutional back in February, acting as if he, not the courts, gets to make that call. That was wrong and should have warranted his rebuke or removal, but Obama wants the support of the gays and radical left, so he's good with letting Holder pretend to be the Supreme Court because elections are coming and he needs all of the special interest friends that he can get.

But now we've got Holder going even further and arguing on behalf of the People of the United States that a guy who is in our country illegally--someone who has absolutely no right to be here--should be allowed to stay just because he's gay and in a relationship with another dude. He's not even arguing that the illegal will face hardship or torture if returned to his home country--Ireland--nor is he explaining why the illegal's gay lover can't just follow him to Ireland. Nope. He's acting now not as the Supreme Court but as a defense attorney--the polar opposite of his actual job--and going against Congress and the mandate of his own office, which is to enforce and uphold our laws.

Holder needs to be removed and he needs to be removed now. And Barack Hussein Obama needs to be held accountable for everything that he's been letting--or telling--his rogue Attorney General to do.

Oh wait--Obama claims that he has no power over Eric Holder. At least that's what he told this 9/11 widow yesterday before he turned his back on her and walked away when she dared ask him a question at Ground Zero.

How about if we just let the gay Irishman stay and we deport Obama and Holder instead?


  1. The Queen of Hearts in A/G clothing. The law is whatever we say it is at the moment, neither more nor less.

    We abide by laws we want, we make up the ones we need, we ignore the ones we find inconvenient and you will comply or we will enforce a law you don't yet know about to incarcerate you for your own good until the danger is past.

    I sure miss the Constitution of the United States. It was such a clear, concise document.

  2. So, here in these formerly United States, now Another Country, The [chief] law[yer] [for the People] is a ass - a idiot.

    My apologies to Mr. Dickens, and thanks to Mr. Hartley by way of Col. John Dean Cooper.