Tuesday, May 24, 2011

California Learns That Elections Have Consequences.

Hey--all you Californians who proudly voted for Obama, are you happy now?

After you gave him millions of campaign dollars, countless celebrity endorsements, and 55 electoral votes, he won. And then he put two leftists on the US Supreme Court, did that make you happy?

I hope so. Because those two leftist Justices, Kagan and Sotomayor, just swung the vote in favor of releasing up to 46,000 convicted felons from California's prisons.

Yeah, suck on that one, California. And next time you rush to the polls, remember that the guy that you're voting for gets to appoint people who might get to weigh your safety against the comfort of the worst sort of scumbags. Two more conservatives on the Court--or even two moderates--and you guys might not all have to start looking over your shoulder for all of those felons who will be coming out of prison, all short on cash.

Now a smart state government would at least try to mitigate the harm by culling out all of the illegal aliens in the prison system--and they make up a fair chunk of California's prisoners--and releasing them all straight to ICE for deportation. But California has not had a smart government since Ronald Reagan was governor, and the current bunch of looters are way too deeply indebted to the illegal alien lobbies to ever consider such a thing. I mean, that would be (all together now) RACIST!

So buy alarms, buy dogs and buy guns, Californians...Oops! Your government pretty much restricts your right to own guns too, doesn't it? And you voted for these people too!

Screw it. let all the felons out. Just make sure that there's a big border fence preventing any of them from getting out of the state, both felons and idiotic voters alike. I can accept losing that state, but I'm not willing to let it contaminate the rest of America with it's collective bad judgement and disregard for consequences.


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Perhaps the freed felons will be all those smoke-dopers...Nah, they're too dangerous to let free.

    Remember which criminal was considered more dangerous and executed in a trial some 2000 years ago....

  2. I can assure you that there is no one--NO ONE--in prison in this country for merely smoking a joint.

  3. Forget fortifying the border between California - it's been overrun.

    How about a border between California and the United States?

  4. Um, confession here - I guess you already said that.

    I must have skimmed your last paragraph...

  5. It's all good, Donald. Great minds think alike.