Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do any of these idiots ever think about consequences?

I have to wonder about our current crop of college graduates. Based on recent news stories, some of our "best and brightest" are really the dumbest.

First we have Isaac Eslava. This idiot Psychology major at Louisiana State University decided to vandalize a war memorial (and his apartment building) and burn the American flag the day after bin Laden was killed. He also appears to have stolen a car. Now he's in jail.

Then we have Johnathan Perkins, a law student at University of Virginia who is just about to graduate and presumably sit for the bar. He recently made up a story about being harassed and racially profiled by campus police and sent it into the school paper. When police investigated however, they discovered that his story had more than a few holes...and when confronted, he admitted making it all up.

Moving back to LSU, we now get Benjamin Hass, a Communication Studies (what the hell is that?) grad student who decided that he too would burn an America flag. This one at least got shut down by numerous patriotic Americans.

I won't even bother listing the names of all of these stoner kids at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Don't any of these morons realize that they're about to go out into the real world? That means finding a job. These days, many if not most prospective employers for any decent job (one that doesn't involve wearing paper hats and asking people if they want fries) do basic internet searches on prospective candidates. Idiots like the ones above spend years in school, undoubtedly at their parents' expense, only to do stuff that puts them in the public eye and makes them pretty much undesirable to an employer.

From the Colorado article:
CU sophomore Renny Ratliff said he secured a medical marijuana license because he has an ankle injury, joint pain and attention-deficit disorder. "Legalizing marijuana would be a big change for the better, and we're here to support that but mainly just to enjoy," he said.
Yeah, that's the one I want to hire to do something important...NOT!

And does Johnathan Perkins believe that he's ever going to get hired as a lawyer now that he's publicly shown himself to be dishonest? Hell, he's going to have trouble getting admitted to any state's bar association now, much less get hired by any reputable firm.

All of these fools are about to find out that the internet is forever.

Of course there's always the Democrat Party. They always seem to be able to make a place for dishonest America-haters and dope-smokers in their ranks.

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  1. you left out the part where the jackass that was going to burn the flag in protest of the other jackass not being allowed to burn the flag got chased off the LSU campus by a bunch of pissed off patriot students.
    And when has honesty ever been a criteria for hiring a lawyer?