Sunday, May 08, 2011

Silly dog.

All day long, Murphy's been getting on my nerves. Every time he sees a cat outside the patio glass, he runs barking at it and jumps up on the glass. It's loud, it's distracting and it's new glass, but so far, unless I'm actually in the kitchen with the sink sprayer in hand, I've been unable to deter him from doing this. And he's done it a dozen times today easily.

And then, this last time, I heard "Bark! Bark! Bark! WHAM!" (sound of dog slamming into glass door), followed by a yelp, then whimpering. A few second later, he come hobbling into my office, hopping on three legs, with his left front paw held up off the floor. Apparently he hit the glass wrong and jammed his paw. He hops over, and, still whingeing, stands there looking at me with his paw held up off the floor. As soon as I touch it, he yelps again.

So I get down on the floor with him, get him to lay down, and gently check the limb over. I find a spot of point tenderness on the backside of the leg where the first joint is. I know it's tender because he yelps again when I press it. So I massage it for a minute, then I give him a gentle tummy scratch. His tail thumps happily on the floor and I get a lick or two as I go to get up. He gets up and now he's walking fine. All better.

Five minutes later: "Bark! Bark! Bark! WHAM!"

They never learn, do they?

I got a boo-boo smashing into your new glass door. Will you make it better so I can do it again?


  1. Dogs just gotta be dogs.

  2. Put some masking tape across the glass window... it works for birds...

  3. Dogs - sharp as a whole box o' tacks in so many ways - sharp as a bowling ball in so many others.

    He is one handsome fella, though.

  4. If I could get a tummy-rub from my wife, you bet'cha I'd run and smash into the door.

  5. @ North: He knows the glass is there. He stands up on his hind legs and beats on it every day.

  6. Gotta agree with Scott! :-)