Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Gunmart wins Golden Jackass award

For using the name and picture of gun bloggerette extraordinaire Breda in a degrading fashion without her permission and continuing to do so after she and her husband told him to cease and desist, Gunmart just won Murphy's new award, given to bloggers who really distinguish themselves:
The Golden Jackass Award, 2011.

Taking a picture of another man's wife and posting it under the heading "Breda Porn"? Seriously?

We all do stupid stuff in our lives, but when you cross the line and refuse to correct it when contacted...well that just makes you a no-account jackass and, for lack of a better descriptor, a Weiner.

Remember folks: friends don't let friends support Gunmart.

EDITED TO ADD: As of this revision, the cad has taken her picture down but is still using her name with that mysoginistic title.


  1. I heard the term "shitstorm" to describe this.

    Perhaps "any attention is good attention" for this guy?

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    The cad has also placed a link back to her post with the photo in question.

  3. Sounds like some attorney is going to get to have a little fun!

  4. What a putz. He's just a 4 year old screaming "Mine, Mine, Mine"!!!

  5. scha-muck
    The sound of GunMart's post hitting the ah blog!

    PW:nonmoses No I can't part my hair let alone the red sea