Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free at last...

We're finally kid-free. Spud has gone on home. It was a fun week, but I won't lie...I'm really savoring the peace and quiet right now.

As for Murphy...well he didn't want to let his new toy boy leave.

He climbed into Spud's grandmother's car trunk four or five times when he saw Spud's stuff being loaded in.Then he got into the car's back seat with Spud, before being pulled out.

Murphy them proceeded to stand on his hind legs and look in through the car's windows at his newfound pal, as if to ask why the boy was in the car but not him.

And as the car was started and Spud rolled down the window to say goodbye to Murphy, Murphy jumped up through the window and had to be removed from the car once again.

Poor dog. Sad dog. Now he's just stuck with me. How will he ever cope?


  1. Murphy is the best, most awesome dog ever! That is all.

  2. Oh, I'm sure Murph will be OK! The peace and quiet I am sure you will enjoy after a short time. Any time I have guests it freaks me out when I hear water running or footsteps in in hall for a while. Then when they are gone the obverse happens!

    wv- you are kidding right? Your wv's are hard! paverplo- Sometimes you need the paverplo to remove pavement!

  3. What a terrific photo!
    And Keads is correct, Murph will be fine.
    They will see each other again, too!
    And, now you can rest...

  4. AWW!
    I second what MTBLaura said!

  5. Two words: Double scoop!

  6. Murphy is truly the smartest and best dog ever.

  7. Good one :-) Sorry for Murphy though, he lost a playmate...

  8. Awww, poor Murphy.

    Shepherds are so good with kids.