Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun at the doctor's office

So I'm in at the doctor's office, and the nurse decides that she needs my weight.

I step up on the scale, and she says "I almost forgot...take everything out of your pockets so we can get an accurate weight."

"Everything?" I ask.

"Everything that's not you other than your clothes," she replies. "You can put your things on that tray table."

I shrug and begin emptying my pockets of "things not me" and placing them on the tray: Wallet, phone, keys, folding knife, Browning Hi-Power, spare magazine for Hi-Power, Smith and Wesson J-Frame revolver, spare speed strip for revolver...oh--and my eyeglasses. Got to get it all, right? I even pulled off my belt and the Hi-Power holster.

The nurse's eyes got big and she took a step back as I began setting pistols on her tray, but then the doctor walked past and without even breaking stride, he said: "All right, a Hi-Power! Nice."

Living in West Virginia, I may be surrounded by banjo-picking, cousin-dating, Democrat-electing rednecks but at least my doctor has the right perspective on firearms.


  1. My dentist looks like Wallace Shawn and carries an arsenal.

  2. GEEZ! Wish I could have done that.
    There's a HUGE sign on the way in to the office where the clinic is located "NO WEAPONS". Too big to pretend I missed it.
    So, the electroless nickel 442, speed strip and Ken Onion Kershaw folder stayed in the car.
    They did ask for all metal out of my pockets...where's the ceramic Glock 7?

  3. My doc, a female nonetheless, has NRA membership packets at her reception window.

    She was one of those docs who also followed the lead of the Florida doctor who put the sign in his window about "If you like or want Obamacare, go find another doctor--we will not see you here."

    Even better, she considers NOT having a gun a "health risk."


  4. "All right, a Hi-Power! Nice."

    Dang.. wish my doctor would say something like that.

    A Chiropractor friend of mine had a patient open her purse and while looking for her checkbook out plunked a .25 auto.

    She just picked it back up and put it back into her purse.

    It was no biggie as my friend, who when to college with me, is a real good country boy and that was fine with him (This was before CHL law here and she would have been in trouble but he didn't care!)

  5. I went to my Doctor after taking a ricochet in the face while RSO on a bowling pin match. Channeling your luck she was an attractive lady shooting a Glock. Never met her before this at the range. BANG, pin down, Bang, pin down, Bang, pin down, and SMACK! To my face. Just below the safety glasses on the right side of my eye.

    We Butterflied it and I went to my Doc next day. He is a shooter and I told him what was up. The PA freaked. He called the imaging center at the hospital and tells them why I was coming.

    "Bullet fragment to face" is not the best thing to hand the MRI people at the hospital! Had a little conversation with LEO after being scanned.

  6. Not that it's any of my business, but how does the prosthesis figure into the weight figure?

  7. @ Owl: Either we don't factor it in or we can weigh is separately and then subtract that amount. But it weighs less than what it replaced so it's really not a factor.

  8. And you enjoyed every moment of doing that didn't you? LOL!