Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harpers Ferry Sunday

It was a nice day today, so after church, I took Murphy to Harpers Ferry.

Here he is, enjoying the river underneath the Route 340 bridge.
And here he is sitting in the water, waiting (im)patiently for me to throw his toy.
And now he's lying on the floor in the Lewis and Clark exhibit."Come on, man...enough pictures. Let's go get ice cream!"

And he did get his ice cream cone from Sharon at Swiss Miss. Actually he got his cone, and then when I was talking to Sharon, he jumped up and snatched the last half of mine. Damn dog.

It made for a nice afternoon, even with the ice cream theft.


  1. He's minding himself much better. I went for a bike ride on the town trail but at 94 degrees I didn't go far. Barkley was happy to see me home. I think he gets rid of the cone of shame tomorrow.

  2. LOL- He's got you trained pretty well... :-)

  3. Two words: Double Scoop.

  4. Like NFO pointed out- who is training who? LOL! Nice pics and my day was WAY more pedestrian.

  5. He is such a well-rounded lad! And it was very patriotic of y'all to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

  6. He just looks fantastic! He's come a long way.