Wednesday, July 20, 2011

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer: Dumbest talking head ever?

If she's not the dumbest and most unprofessional, she's certainly in the top ten.

Most of the rest are at MSNBC too, of course.
Today she put her hoof squarely into her big mouth by trying to dress down Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) after he disagreed with one of her screeds on how Obama saved us from an economic depression. Brooks said that he didn't think so, and Brewer snarkily popped back: "Well do you have a degree in Economics?"
Turns out that the Congressman does. With honors. In addition to his Political Science degree and his Law degree.

You know who doesn't have a degree in Economics? That's right. Contessa Brewer. Just a little B.S. in Broadcast Journalism, per her Wikipedia page. Apparently she slept through the class where they taught that it's not your job to advance your own opinions and then try to belittle the subject of your interview when he responds. There is a reason why he's the one being interviewed and you're the one reading questions.
Contessa Brewer. Catty, mean, openly biased, politically slanted and too stupid for prime time. But just right for MSNBC, though.


  1. Can't add anything to what you've said. You nailed it.

  2. A number of years ago I was doing some research and went to the library of a certain university which will not now be identified.

    That library happened to be a Federal Depository Library, which means that they must avail to the public the Federal Goverment documents which they receive free of charge (and, implicitly, must allow members of the public to use the finding aids).

    The particular library staffer there had an attitude considerably larger than her IQ. She was totally clueless as to what a Federal Depository Library was, so I called to her attention the decal at the entrance with the Federal Depository Library logo. She said it didn't matter, and I could not use the library facilities because I was neither student nor faculty at that university.

    I then asked to speak with her supervisor. When the supervisor came, I told her that I was there to use their Federal Depository materials collection. The supervisor she took me -- and the staffer -- to the locked room on the 3rd Floor, with an even bigger Federal Depository Library decal on the door.

    The staffer's comment to me when we arrived: "You've got to be a lawyer with an MBA to be able to use this stuff!"

    I assured the staffer, in front of her supervisor, that I possessed both of those credentials. I kind of saw a look on her face that resembled the look a dog has when it has its tail between its legs.

    P.S. I found the materials I had come to research.

  3. That's hysterical. And he is so polite.

    Note to whom we disagree - the fact that we disagree does not make us ignorant or morons.

  4. 1. It doesn't take an advanced degree in economics to understand that Obama in particular, and Keynesians in general, have led this country down the path of economic ruin.

    2. The little reporterette, when her little outburst failed to impress the good Congressman, had to resort to the "Appeal to Authority" logical fallacy. Wikipedia has a good definition:

    Argument from authority (also known as argumentum ad verecundiam) An appeal to authority is an argument from the fact that a person judged to be an authority affirms a proposition to the claim that the proposition is true. This alone does not make it true even if they're the most educated and most qualified to make such a determination. It still does NOT make it true.

    Appeals to authority are always deductively fallacious; even a legitimate authority speaking on his area of expertise may affirm a falsehood, so no testimony of any authority is guaranteed to be true.

  5. But, wasn't it fun! I'd like to see a whole bunch more of stuff like this.