Thursday, July 21, 2011

This is funny on several levels

First of all, we've got a news story about a pretty funny video made by a corrections deputy, who sped up the videos of a prisoner running away inside the jail and added the appropriate music.

The deputy who made it is now in trouble, naturally, because the powers-that-be never seem to have a sense of humor.

Then we have a failed lawsuit brought by a failed deputy who claimed, in part, that other deputies used it to make fun of him after he was seen falling down in the beginning of the video.

Seriously, if you can't take ribbing, law enforcement's probably not for you. That's what police officers, firefighters, soldiers and other cohesive groups do. In fact, the only thing worse is when they don't rib you, because that means that you're not considered part of the team.

Then he actually took offense and claimed that "he experienced racial slurs because of his part-American-Indian heritage.

'You ran after that guy like he stole your land,' Hunter said a correction officer said to him."

Sorry but that was just funny.

Anyway, the whole thing was just pretty damned amusing so I figured I'd share.

Hat tip to Lowering The Bar for this one. And special credit to scumbag Randy Vanauken of Altamont, New York, for his part. He's the prisoner in the yellow jumpsuit who notably didn't get lumped up here like he would have in so many other correctional institutions.


  1. Oh, wow! That is comedy genius!

    If the lawsuit makes it to trial, I hope the judge laughs it out of court.

  2. @ The Donald: It went to trial. It was thrown out.

  3. If only I had known, I could have sued my basic training NCO for calling me Pvt Spudf_*(er.

  4. This has inspired me to fins an mp3 of the music. Yackity Sax, if I remember correctly.