Monday, August 29, 2011

Here we go again.

Another one of Obama's illegal alien relatives surfaces, this time getting nabbed for drunk driving in Massachusetts. Naturally a high-priced immigration lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio immediately crawls out from under a rock and claims to be representing him even though he, like Obama's infamous Aunt Zeituni, has no known job or means of support. (Wong also represented her, again without disclosing how much she was getting paid or where the funds came from.)
Well as of this writing, this Kenyan uncle of Obama's is being held on an ICE immigration detainer. We'll see how much improper political pressure gets brought to bear on ICE to release this illegal alien back into society so that he can either disappear again or be granted a stay and eventual citizenship just like Obama's public-housing-dwelling, welfare-collecting illegal alien aunt was.

And I gotta tell ya...for a guy who keeps talking about the rest of us needing to "sacrifice" to help others, it's pretty hypocritical of Obama to let his own relatives continue to fester in poverty and live off of the taxpayers when he has more than enough money to help them out himself. Granted, none of them should even be in our country, but if Obama is going to pull strings to allow them to stay, am I the only one who thinks that he should be supporting them personally 100% instead of letting you and me pay for the food, rent and medical care of these foreigners who have never worked or payed taxes into our system in their lives?

I also note for the record that this story only spread when FOREIGN news services got hold of it and published it. It seems as if the American news services weren't going to tell us until the Australians and the British ran with the story (Thanks, mates). Is there still any wonder whatsoever why most Americans don't trust our domestic media any more?


  1. Yeah... Loved the quote about him wanting to "call the White House"... sigh

  2. Anonymous8:22 PM

    You mean we have a domestic media?
    I thought they went out of business years ago.

  3. No wonder he's told Holder not to enforce the immigration laws...

  4. The American LSM is invested in this guy, that is why he skates. The media is supposed to be objective for a free press is essential for the freedom of a state. Ours are lapdogs to support a political agenda that they believe in.

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM

    "our" domestic media???

  6. As he was being booked, authorities learned that the alleged drunk man was actually trying to return an exotic Coke bottle to its rightful place.

    [Obscure reference to The Gods Must Be Crazy]