Tuesday, August 02, 2011


So today I'd planned a little scuba dive and I went out to a local quarry that I'd scouted on my last flight. (No, it's not the one pictured. Opsec, you know...) Ninety-five degrees out, and there I was, fighting my way into a wetsuit next to this beautiful crystal clear water. I'd already taken my Sudafed to help my ears clear, and I'd notified my friend Aaron of my location and set a time by which, had he not heard back from me, he was to make the appropriate notifications. Everything was set to go...until I hooked up my regulator and opened the tank valve. HISSSSSSSSSSSS...!

WTF? I'd just had this rig checked out at the local dive shop. What's going on?

All I can tell is that the air is leaking from around the pressure gauge and the leak site is inside the console proper so I can't get at it. All that preparation, and my dive is scrubbed by a bad air hose. @#$%^&!!

But at least someone got wet today.

After I got home and put the gear away, I took Murphy, that late night killer of cats and terrifier of Yankees and UPS men, out to the river. Hey--why should both of us be miserable in the heat, right?

The things I do for this dog...


  1. Think simplicity:

    -Naked Brass and Glass 2" SPG $64.95

    -26" HP Hose $18.95

    -Stainless Steel Bolt Clip to hold it clipped off to your BC 6.79

    -some cave line to tie the clip to the SPG where it meets the hose .05

    The peace of mind from not having to scrub a dive due to the reliability and ease of access for inspection/replacement: Priceless

    We'll make a DIR diver of you yet.

  2. I hope it wasn't a long drive...

  3. LOL- at least 'somebody' won :-)

  4. Love that shot of him sitting in water up to his shoulders with a smug expression on his face. I can't recall ever seeing our Bouie sit still in water.