Monday, August 08, 2011

Massive Boredom...

Canine version.

Sometimes there's just nothing going on. Even here.


  1. Definitely dawg daze.

    W/V: sucties. Being bored sucties.

  2. I bet there was even the long canine sigh before the posture...

  3. Our Doberman, Zeus, looks about the same way.

    It's been triple-digit temperatures here in Texas for 38 straight days, and he (Zeus) isn't getting out nearly as much as he'd like.

    At midnight last night, it was still 98 degrees.

    We're all getting cabin fever and the burnout that comes with boredom. Worse yet, I'm on a deadline and have holed myself up for the next four days and will probably not leave the house except for a couple of doctor's appointments.

    Tell Murphy to hang in there. Summer never lasts forever.

    Just ask any school kid.


  4. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I feel his pain.

  5. The heat will break this week - do not be discouraged.

    Besides, it is time to start training for the Freedom Run in October.

  6. Not boring here, but for ALL the wrong reasons. Thunderstorms are wrecking everything almost every day.

  7. LOL- He finally ran down huh??? :-)