Thursday, August 04, 2011

Obama working to create a job--his own in 2012

The rest of the country is screwed, but last night's big Obama birthday blow-out was Obama's 37th 2012 election fundraiser since taking office.

By way of contrast, by this time in his first term, President George W. Bush had held 7 fundraisers.

President Bill Clinton had held 5 by this time in his first term.

But Obama? 37.

Ad to this the number of Obama golf games--over 70 at current count (Bush played 24 games during his entire eight years)--and the number of lavish celebrity-filled White House parties (like the one planned for tonight) and the number of days that Obama has spent jetting around on vacations or attending other Democrats' fundraisers, and you get a picture of a country pretty much running on auto-pilot as the first man-child basically just indulges himself and his wife at public expense.

Meanwhile, in Rome, the fire department is reportedly responding to several multiple-alarm fires that threaten to engulf the city. When asked for a comment, Jay Carney, the White House Propaganda Minister replied that Obama was in the middle of his violin lesson and could not be disturbed.


  1. I promise to do my part to help make him unemployed next year.

  2. You can take the community organizer out of the socialist ghetto, but you can't take the socialist ghetto out of the community organizer.

    It's ALL welfare money for Obama. We're white, we work, we pay exorbitant taxes.

    He's black, he doesn't work (and never has in the private sector) and he lives better than virtually anyone else in the country.

    THAT'S the example he's setting for blacks, and it sucks.


  3. He needs to be GONE next year...

  4. Ironically, it's not legal for a regular federal employee to do political campaigning on agency time or using agency materials.

  5. Well Barry's not as good a golfer as Dubya, he needs the practice.

    I mean Eisenhower was notoriius for playing golf, but did he play as much as '0'.