Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to...

My Mom.

It's tough to figure out what to get her, because when you're as old as she is, you've got or have had just about everything.

A watch? She's got one. She won it in a drawing down at the union hall the night that FDR got elected to his fourth term. Still keeps pretty good time.

Dishes? She's got plenty, because back in her day they came in boxes of detergent, and she's been around long enough to use lots of detergent.

A car? She's still driving that one that she bought new right off the lot. And as slow as she drives it, That Model A Ford will never wear out.

Maybe a cruise. But then again, she swore that she'd never get on another ship after that night that the Titanic sunk.

Jewelry? She's already got a nice necklace that a former suitor flew all the way to France to get for her. Nice fella, that Lindbergh. Then there's the brooch that her old beau, Ben gave her. But she hasn't talked about Mr. Franklin in a while, come to think of it.

One good thing about my mom's birthdays though...these days, you don't even need to put the birthday cake in the oven. You just have to light all of the candles and it bakes itself.

My Mom...alway cool, always classy. Happy Birthday, Ma.

P.S. Thanks for this new picture of you. Looks like that Botox is really doing it's thing.


  1. LOL.. my mom would kill me if I posted all that about her.... great post!

  2. uh huh. I see you tease all the women about being old :-)

    I laughed pretty hard, she has to be one hell of a lady to raise soemone like you. Bless you both.

    I think if ibe gift I got my Step Mom when she was older and "had everything" that she really liked (and I did it every year.) It was a week where I flew out and did ALL the cooking and cleaning for an entire week. Three meals a day. AND Dad gave her the remote except for weekends which was sports. She read, sewed, watched Jeopardy and got her hair done. She loved it. Dad loved it (my cooking). She loved not having to do anything but things she liked to do.

    The gifts that mean the most are the ones in which you give up something that's special to you. Money has little to do with hit.

  3. awesome.
    I hope to reach that place of "I don't give a shit anymore"
    kmag yoyo

  4. Heart warming to see you are still her number one!

  5. Now that's some quality humor right there! Your Mom must be the best. Happy Birthday Murphy's Law Mom. Your son may be hilariously sarcastic but he's still a good boy.

  6. I am personally appalled, but then again, I hope I raise a boy who has such a wicked cool sense of humor some day! ;) I've come to believe that a sense of humor is typically a sign of intelligence. Or at least it seems that way, since people without one seem exceptionally dull.

  7. Happy birthday, Mom! ( you might be able to get some mileage out of this post if you play your guilt cards carefully! Just sayin')

  8. LOL, sounds a LOT like my Mother was...

  9. Happy BDay to your Mom!