Sunday, September 25, 2011

He's lucky to be alive...

So this morning, I'm running late but I'm sharply dressed and otherwise ready to go, just as soon as Murphy takes care of his dog business in the yard.

Murphy, however, decides that he'd rather play and he grabs his toy from the shelf where I've put it. Now as long as he's playing, he won't do his dog business and I won't be able to leave. So I go out and take the toy from him, telling him to do what he's out there to do.

Murphy naturally has other ideas. He jumps up, lunging for the toy, and manages to give me a big muddy paw print on my nice, clean, starched and pressed (light blue) shirt.

I think that my shouting might have woken a couple of neighbors up.

But Murphy at least turned and immediately took care of business, which would suggest to me that when I yelled at him, I literally scared the you-know-what out of him.

The lady at the cleaners thinks this stuff's hilarious. But then she's also laughing all the way to the bank.


  1. Hey I bet your cleaners are not like mine. Mine are Vietnamese and the store is full of models of UH-1H Hueys, pictures of Vietnam, US aircraft carriers, etc.

    One postcard is from a destroyer he says picked him and his family up.

    As far as the dog print? Get some pocket stain stuff and some hand towels.

    Still though, LOL!

  2. Tell me again, who's in charge of who?;-) I can only laugh with you on this, it ring's to close to home...

  3. Ah yes... dog prints on the uniform... BTDT, and trust me red Clay DOES NOT come out of Whites... sigh

  4. He just assumed your attire was incomplete without a muddy dog paw print smeared across your shirt.

    K9 Nouveau Chic. Murphy is such a trend setter.

  5. Pets are great, aren't they? I've told Blu numerous times that the only reason he's still alive is that he's cute.

  6. Oh, and if it makes you feel any better about 1/4 of my morning coffee ended up all over the living room carpet due to bouncing cat.

  7. Dunno if your problem or mine is worse. My Husky, Teeker, is anal-retentive. Seriously!

    He won't take care of business until it is absolutely dire. The technique I've learned is to play with him. He loves his soccer ball. Kick the ball, Teeker fetches, lather/rinse repeat 3-5 times, delivery will be accomplished and he then will go willingly to his crate so I can go to work.

    He does not jump on people, but you haven't live until he brushes against your leg when in the process of a full-blown shedding period. Never wear black pants.

    "Ed, why is your wardrobe the same color as your dog?"