Monday, September 12, 2011

Weaselcraft...the K9 version

All things being equal, why take on your adversary when he's expecting it and can see you coming? Your chance of success rises greatly if you can hit decisively from behind.

And this theory was put into practice last night by Murphy as part of his ongoing war against his arch-enemy, the vacuum cleaner.

Expecting company, I was vacuuming. This is not something that I do every day, partly because I'm a guy and partly because when Murphy's around, there's always drama involved when the vacuum is in use (or even when it's sitting out quiet and's still fair game for a Shepherd attack as I've found out).

Murphy hates that machine and he'll follow me around the lair, eyes riveted on the hose, waiting for a chance to strike or at least give it a good barking at. Other dogs may run and hide from these things (Lagniappe always did) but this guy aims to kill the beast and never quits trying. So naturally, I vacuum with one eye on the floor and the other on Murphy as he skulks just out of suction rage waiting for the right moment.

Well this time he tried a new ploy. I took the vacuum upstairs, leaving it plugged in downstairs because it's on a long, long cord. I'd set the tank portion solidly on the landing at the top of the stairs and gone to work in the guest room when suddenly, there was a clatter and a crash on the staircase and the hose was yanked from my hand. The tank portion had gone tumbling down the stairs, apparently of it's own free will.

No, scratch that. It tumbled down the stairs because Murphy hit it from behind, grabbing it's power cord and yanking it down the stairs. Score: Vacuum 0, Murphy 1. And I had to put the top back on the upended tank and re-vacuum up all of the dirt and dog hair that spilled out. Thanks, Murph. Thanks alot.
You just come on back up here any time you feel bad enough, Vacuum...That was just a taste of what you'll get the next time.


  1. Dogs are cool... just no way around that.

  2. dogs are nuts, but at least in retrospect its usually funny!

  3. The last German Shepherd we had was named Iko and was a Czech Republic import from their Border Patrol line. Solid SchII & IIIs in the line back beyond twenty years, and in the last five years, a lot of KNPV and French Ring (which is now Ringsport) titles.

    Iko was high-speed, low-drag. (grin).

    I called him "Little Buddy" and bought him as a compliment to our East German imported Doberman Pinscher who was advancing in years.

    Iko was FIERCELY protective of my wife, which is exactly how I trained him. I spent all free time in the Air Force back in the 70's & early 80's buying a lot of beer for the AF handlers and German trainers, and have been training Schutzhund and FR for better than thirty years now.

    Iko did not like any vacuum machine. None. I could put up with his antics with the cheap Hoovers and Electrolux machines, but when we came home back in '98 with a $1400 Rainbow (which we still have and which still is the best vacuum we've ever owned), we had to do a little "training" with him.

    He finally settled for a "bark and hold" when we'd drag the Rainbow out, but he didn't like it.

    We lost him to hermangiosarcoma when he was only nine years old. I miss my Little Buddy something fierce.

    Every day I come to your blog, sometimes just to see a pic of Murphy.

    You, your dog and the relationship you two have makes my day, every day.

    The next time we have the Cessna pointed northeastward, we're going to flight-plan a stop in your neck of the woods just to meet you and Murph and take y'all out for treats.


  4. @AOA, I know what it is to lose a good dog. Lagniappe, the inspiration for this blog, was a fantastic dog and he only left me last November. Murphy's literally still settling in.

    But you come on by any time. Got an airport in Martinsburg and company's always welcome.

  5. LOL- Gotta love him for his 'ingenuity' if nothing else :-)