Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bizzaro land on the border...

A Border Patrol Agent is JAILED for TWO YEARS for allegedly roughly-handling an illegal alien caught smuggling drugs into our country, meanwhile the illegal--who wasn't even injured--gets amnesty in return for testifying against the lawman.

I'd say "Only in Post-Obama America" but Bush's so-called "Justice Department" did the same thing to our border protectors more than once.

How are we ever going to get our border territory under control and stop the flow of criminals, terrorists, drugs, and maybe even weapons of mass destruction from coming across if we keep jailing the good guys and rewarding the bad guys with free passes and amnesty? Is it any wonder that the border states are so intent on acting to keep illegals out, since everyone knows that our federal government's first loyalties are to Mexico and the Hispanic voting bloc? And with our states being sued by our Washington administration every time they try to solve these problems, how long before we start seeing American citizens down on the border taking up arms to do what our federal "public servants" refuse to do?

I could be tempted to support that or even join in if this stuff doesn't stop.


  1. I truly think that point is coming on the Southern Border, ready or not...

  2. We need to flush more than the top level of politicians out of office - we also need to flush the garbage they've left from top to bottom.

  3. Bill Jordan must be rolling in his grave.

  4. INSANE. Just. INSANE.

    Why would anyone work for the USBP?

    15 year old drug smugglers have more veracity and standing in US courts than BP agents. Your life is in greater jeopardy from the US judicial system than the Mexican military shooting at you from the border.

    F that.

  5. Holder simply must go. Bill Jordan indeed! I think back about the days of Jordan and the methods used. Very similar to the Texas Rangers. They did not enforce with a soft hand. There were very good reasons for "One riot; one Ranger." And it worked.

  6. Anonymous1:49 PM

    This is outrageous

  7. Ok, I'm gonna piss off someone for sure. Forgive me ML.
    I was a police officer in central california for more than 24 years. LAPD was the big dog on the porch. They took the lead on most of the policing strategies we used for decades. SWAT, community policing, academy standards, etc. They also tended to shoot themselves, and therefore all of the rest of us, in the foot pretty regularly. But. The reason they could successfully police a city the size of LA with a department that is a quarter the size of the NYPD is because the old chiefs were cops and they expected the rank and file to be as well. When the feds started to get involved (fuck you forever Warren Christopher) the street cops got the message loud and clear. Effective policing was no longer going to be tolerated. Cops were routinely brought up on charges for simply trying to do the job in a way that actually decreased crime and put bad people away. Did someone say racism or police brutality? Go directly to jail. We can see the results of those policies today. The cops tend to keep their heads down and avoid any action that might rile the minority groups and bring the wrath of the PC leadership down on them. No one wants to end up in prison or be the lead story in the LA Times. Like them or hate them, the LAPD of the 50's through the early 80's was the most effective police department this country has ever seen. Yeah, Joe Friday may have been fictional but his portrayal was drawn from the ethos and character of the department at that time.
    The exact things that destroyed that department are now being used against the Border Patrol except it's even worse. LA's problems tend to stay there. Problems at the border have national repercussions.
    We have got to support those guys and that means either making the feds enforce the border aggressively or recognizing the state's rights to do the job on their own.
    This is a serious problem with generational and even sovereign implications.
    Call me ML. I'll go with you.