Monday, October 17, 2011

Obama hates successful people...but he still loves their cash.

So now Obama is sucking up to the hippie rabble, even choosing to use their term - "99%" - to try to stoke the class warfare between those who've done well and earned money in this country and his core constituency--those who are typically too lazy or stupid to succeed without government subsidization but who still show up to vote, if only to keep the government cheese coming.

Well if Barry feels so strongly about this, then maybe he should just limit his never-ending re-election fund-raising efforts to passing the hat among the useless shitbirds "demonstrators" currently stinking up these public parks and stop jetting around the country to beg that 1% that he keeps demonizing for the money that he wants so badly.

I mean, if you're going to pin your re-election hopes on a plan to turn everyone against a small number of the producers in this country for your own gain, shouldn't you at least stop going before those same producers with your hat in your hand asking for their evil money?


  1. Seriously though, who is John Galt?

  2. The Standard Democrat-style shakedown pattern explains it:

    "Nice big corporation you got there. It sure would be too bad if something like OWSers protesting it or worse were to happen to it.

    Now about those campaign contributions, I can count on your support, right?..."

  3. John Galt is right!!!