Friday, October 28, 2011

The TASER follies.

Because I'm under the weather, I decided to watch one of my all-time favorite videos. It's a few years old but it cheered me up so much that I just had to share it with all of you.

Noting how right from the beginning, she's argumentative, insulting and tries to play the race card right after threatening to sue. And then when given commands, she defies them and actively resists and still has the nerve to act surprised when she gets what she was told that she was going to get. Then it's all drama afterwards. I'm betting that she was already mentally spending all that lawsuit cash right up until her public defender got a look at that dash cam tape.

Good job, officers!


  1. LOL- Yep, she DEFINITELY deserved that!

  2. Sometimes, stupidity provides its own reward.

  3. Now that was an entertaining video. Thanks for posting it!

  4. I'm not clear on what she thought she was going to accomplish...

  5. Best six minutes I've spent so far today.

    I wonder if that threatening thing has worked well for her in the past?

  6. Yes, how macho . . . . Certainly, the officer "feared for his life" there.

  7. Anonymous10:48 AM

    This made my day.What a idiot

  8. When we first went with Tasers we were encouraged to voluntarily be tased as part of the training and certification. Probes were clipped to us and we briefly “rode the lightning” aside from a split lip from face planting within a few minutes I was fine. Every sore or arthritic joint in my body had freed up and I was pain free and limber for a long time. The two officers who were supposed to have caught me declined to test the water. New hires are all required to be sprayed by OC and tased as well; officer and offender injuries have significantly decreased. Yearly In Service Training always involves viewing video’s like this one.

  9. I empathize with the woman. I really do!

    You see, about 3 years ago I was in a similar situation, EXCEPT...

    ... My driver's license was not suspended.

    ... I immediately handed the officer my driver's license and registration and insurance cards when he requested them.

    ... My automobile registration and insurance were valid and current.

    ... I cooperated with the officer.

    ... I sat quietly in my car while the officer wrote out the ticket.

    ... I carved a whole day out of my schedule to take one of those AAA Defensive Driving courses in order to reduce the points on my license.

    The officer did not call for backup. And he did not tase me.

    Must have been because I am white!

  10. Sorry you are feeling bad and hope you get better soon. Yep, that was a priceless video right there!

  11. Katherine,

    The TASER isn't meant for situations where the officer feels threatened. It's a compliance tool designed to deal with people who are actively resisting and it actually harms them less than does a blast of pepper spray, which is it's use-of-force equivalent.

    That aside, the minute that she started giving someone unknown on her phone the exact location of the traffic stop, it was over. Those officers don't know who she's summoning and it could easily be some gang-banger or gun-toting dope boy who might well be just around the corner. That call was, in itself, a threat to their safety and the taser deployment was an acceptable means to end the drama before that someone could show up. It also served to get her out of that car without having to forcibly pry her out and risk someone (probably her) getting injured in the struggle.

  12. Well, Thanks for the info on the address thing and what that meant. It really didn't occur to me - BUT now I do see the wisdom in cutting that phone call short and getting her the out of the car and into the back seat of the cruiser

    I do think that the officers could have(possibly) handled the stupid wench better earlier on in the stop. But the other hand, she really was a pain in the neck and some people never listen to anything or anyone.

    I won't go all Buddhist on YOUR blog :) re the taser anymore - you'll have to excuse me - I'm going to light some patchouli incense now.

  13. Katherine,

    You be as buddhist/peace-nickity as you like. You're my diversity quota for this blog.