Friday, November 25, 2011

Next Week's Blogshoot is looking great

OK, folks. The blogshoot set up for next Saturday, December 3rd, in Inwood, WV is all set. We have a primo deluxe range with pistol, rifle to 250 yards, and five-stand shotgun all set aside for ourselves from 9A to 2P. Ammo and targets are available for purchase there, and the following rental guns for anyone who wants to try one out:

- FNH Police Sniper Rifle - .308 $50 Per Hour plus ammo
- Colt Competition HBAR AR15 rifles: $50 Per Hour plus ammo
- FNH SCAR Rifles: $50 Per Hour plus ammo
- Colt Trophy Gold Cup Competition .45 cal Handgun: $30 Per Hour plus ammo
- FNH Hi Capacity .45 Cal Competition Handguns: $30 Per Hour plus ammo
- FNH SLP Semi-Automatic Shotguns: $50 Per Hour plus ammo
- Colt Pocket-lite Mustang .380 handguns: $30 Per Hour plus ammo

After the shoot, we'll adjourn to a nearby eatery for food and adult beverages. The range is costing us some money, so donations will be accepted, again with any excess money going to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

So come on out next Saturday and meet some of your favorite bloggers, to include Old NFO, Keads,Proud Hillbilly and also The Miller and New Jovian Thunderbolt, both of whom have just confirmed their attendance. Several other people have already RSVP'd as well, and it should be a fun day of socializing and shooting. So drop Murphy and me a line at for directions and we'll look forward to seeing you there. And if you've got a hunting shotgun, bring it for the five-stand!

Also, if anyone coming has any of the current crop of milsurp 9x18mm pistols handy, please bring it along. We have a new shooter looking for a good small semi-auto who would love to try it out.


  1. Sounds like a good time. If it weren't like, a thousand miles away, I'd go.

    Have a great time!

  2. I'm seriously tempted to drive down and have some fun. I've always wanted to learn to shoot, it's rather hard in Canada. Too bad it's a horrendous drive.


    (Canadian lurker who loves the Murphy pics.)

  3. @ Jenn: If you do, you'll get a few intro shooting lessons from some really qualified folks. And I think I can even arrange for you to meet the real Murphy.

  4. I'll bring an assortment of stuff (as usual) :-)

  5. I'm working but really appreciated the invite. Say hi to everyone for me.

  6. NFO- I am looking forward to your "assortment of stuff"!

    B.- So sad you will not be with us!

    Jenn- Make the trip, I think you will not be disappointed! Many there can get you up to speed real quick.

    TJ- Maybe next time!