Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Opining on OWS

I think that one of the issues here is one of perception. The "Occupy" crowd sees themselves as reincarnations of our Founding Fathers, only with Che and Mao T-shirts on, but most of the rest of us see them as the cast of "Lord of the Flies", especially after reading daily about reports of how their camps have degenerated into feces-covered open-air drug dens where female "Occupyees" have to band together in guarded tents lest they be raped by their male comrades. For decades, these marxist wanna-be's have told us all about how their ideas would create a utopia for all, and now in about a month, they've proven that left to themselves, all that they can create is chaos, crime, dependency and disorder.

Now I think that they've proved our point and it's time for the adults to take control of these parks again by sending in the police and the heavy-duty sanitation teams. Let's seriously crack the heads of any who insist of continuing to defy law and order and seize the bank accounts and any other assets of these groups and involved individuals to pay back the taxpayers for all of the monies spent on babysitting these overgrown kids and cleaning up after them....and if that doesn't cover the tab, let's start identifying their parents and putting them in collection. Maybe the next time, they'll think twice about raising such pathetic kids and turning them loose on the rest of us.

Your thoughts?


  1. I think the authorities need to wait till a freezing night and hose down the area with a spray nozzle, I think they would all leave or freeze to death.

  2. The last sentence of the first paragraph is on my FB page as Quote of the Day. I wonder if any of the little turds who maybe truly had a genuine passion for real social change have gone back home to Mommy and Daddy, disillusioned and sad. They thought they would be able to create Utopia and instead? A hard life lesson. Our society does not and cannot exist outside of the rule of law. No, capitalism is not perfect, but what we have now is still a better system, even with the social injustices that admittedly do exist, than any imagined Marxist Utiopia would ever be. I hope that some of these kids learn from this and go on to be productive members of society after this lesson.

    But somehow I doubt it.

  3. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I am not sure if I agree with punishing the parents...It's amazing what a couple of years of liberal college can do to a kid! That being said; If the only reason these degenerates are sleeping in public is to avoid returning to mommy's basement, then that's another story!!!

  4. I'm past done with these fools. They're a demonstrable public health and safety problem and it's time to clear them out and keep them out. If they want to rally then organize and rally. If they want to squat it's time to move 'em along.

  5. About a dozen good citizens in each of the Occupy cities should go down to the local Costco or Sam's Club and buy some Kärcher gas powered pressure washers.

    Wait for a forecast of just above freezing, then move in around midnight with a 50/50 mix of water and Mountain Spring Clorox.

    Those parks will be disinfected and fresh-smelling by daybreak.

  6. It is past time for them to go. I have some in Charlotte a county over. Local radio talk show went to talk to them. Good Lord! If they are the 99% thank God for the 1%!

  7. I've been walking by Freedom Plaza and driving by McPherson Sq. every work day. I am just not seeking the filth you say is there. Rather, I am amazed at how quiet, clean, and orderly they are.

    Maybe it is just DC where the encampments are like this. I have not idea, but hey, you asked for my thoughts and I need to keep up the diversification image for your blog.

  8. Utopia - from the Greek: οὐ ("not") and τόπος ("place") and means "no place". Things happen because you work for them, not because you stand around and chant for them. So go home and work and quit making a nuisance mess.