Sunday, November 06, 2011

A tale of two stupid women (plus a boy and a Lexus).

Regarding the three pinheads hit by the car in Washington, DC yesterday, it turns out that they were, in fact, deliberately blocking traffic as part of their "protest", essentially claiming the right to deny everyone else the right to drive on the public roads. When a driver tried to pass through a break in their human-chain line, three protesters--two lesbians from Vandalia, Ohio named Brandy and Heidi Sippel and the thirteen-year old son of one of the women--ran and jumped in front of that car, according to witnesses. (Note that Brandy, a self-avowed "married" lesbian is also six months pregnant. How does that even happen? But yes, they're just like us, folks!) The car, which had the green light, was unable to stop and knocked Heidi and the boy down while merely brushing Brady with it's mirror. Naturally, all three demanded to be taken by ambulance to a local hospital (almost certainly at taxpayer expense) and they'll no doubt try to file a lawsuit and get some cash before this is over. Of course they were each also cited by the police for being in the roadway, so that should make their attempt to use the court to redistribute the driver's wealth to themselves a little harder.

As for me, I think that the DC prosecutors need to look seriously at bringing child endangerment charges against these women for hurling that 13-year old boy in front of a moving vehicle the way that they did. But then again, I guess that any of us would have done the same thing because these OWS losers are often described by their spokespeople to the media as being "just like the rest of us".

I think not.

Oh, and in case you were wondering if these women have any regrets, Bandy apparently posted a comment under the name "wow" on WJLA's news site where she said:
"Before you begin some nonsense about having my child at a protest I think you better get your kids down here if you want them to have any future!"

Frankly, if I thought that her kid was really the future, I'd be selling my bonds tomorrow.


  1. Sad, just plain sad... Luckily the child wasn't seriously hurt...

  2. Of course, the police didn't cite any of the three fools. The driver's property was damaged; guess his rights aren't important.

  3. @WF: The police DID cite each of the three. And they're pissed and ranting about how they won't pay.

    Liberals like them want the government to keep you and me in check, but they have a real problem whenever they find themselves on the wrong end of even the most legitimate government power.

  4. Good to hear the police did their job - didn't see that.

    These asses assume they hold the moral high ground, actually, own the moral high ground, and no one should question or thwart them.

    Realty check is a bitch.

  5. That thirteen-year-old has no chance. . . The son of two radical left-wing dykes and all their brainwashing.


  6. Ok, while our views of the Occupy Protesters differ somewhat, it may surprise you to know, that I too have absolutely no sympathy for the dimwits who threw themselves in front of a car in the dark while pregnant and included their minor child in that idiotic move. Jeez.

    As for how that pregnancy happened, I can explain sometime . . . actually, there are a variety of ways . . . . . some involve a turkey baster . . .

    Unfortunately, there is not room in the blog to explain that simply being raised by a lesbian does "doom" a child. In brief it is poor parenting and that can be caused by a hetero weirdo or a lesbian weirdo.

  7. Who knows, they might have been bucking for a Darwin Award...

    ...but then, stupidity has more to do with poor nurturing than natural genetics.

    Sounds like the real winner of the re-distributed wealth will end up being a lawyer with the citations being handed out to the three morons who decided to jump a moving vehicle. Win or lose the suit, lawyers always seem to the be the victor.