Monday, December 12, 2011

My visit to Occupy DC

I had today off, and as luck would have it, personal business took me downtown Washington DC close to Freedom Plaza where one of the two Occupy Wall Street / Occupy DC groups is infesting a park. So I wandered around a bit and took a few pictures, just so that everyone could see how these animals really live.Notice how empty it is? Very few occupods around. Interestingly enough, the ones that were there told me that most of the rest of them move into hotel rooms when the weather gets cold like it did last night. There aren't any cheap hotels near here. Wonder who pays for these, eh?
And they obviously aren't over-spending on trash removal. Just look what they've done to this formerly beautiful park.
All the bare ground you see used to be nice, neat grass. It's ruined.I did see one young girl walking around here and she was pretty cute, but every time I got within ten feet of her, the smell of her B.O. was a real turn-off.Oh, and rats. I saw three of them scurrying around just during my brief visit. They're apparently thriving in this unsanitary mess.

What a disgusting mess.

As I was coming back, I saw the most amazing thing. A truck pulled up and guys in matching jackets opened up the trailer and began handing food and cases of water to the Occupods. I wandered close and saw that it was a trailer from the United Mine Workers. Obviously this labor union is subsidizing these bums big time. One of the occupods standing with me told me that they come by "every day or two" to hand out supplies. What's that all about, and why?I heard one of the guys in the UMW jackets yell out "Merry Christmas from Cecil Roberts!" as he was taking CAKES from the pick-up truck and handing those to the occupods, including stinky girl. If I was a miner, I'd be pissed as hell to see my dues going to support a bunch of non-working maggots, especially ones working to carry the water for Barack Obama, a President who said that bankrupting the coal industry was one of his priorities.

Here's the truck that was pulling the trailer. And it's license plate.

Residents of Washington, DC should be pissed at the United Mine Workers, too. This used to be such a nice park. Look at it now.That grass and those shrubs won't just grow back when these cockroaches roll out.

Maybe the unions will pay for the damage?

Oh--and the worst part is that the other bunch in McPherson Square is much, much messier and more disgusting. I'll try to get those pictures in the near future.


  1. Politics is driving ALL of this, I'd be sending the OT bill to the Union for them to pay!

  2. So some are spending the night in hotels? Means others DO have access to soap, water, and showers if their "comrades" would share.

  3. All I can do is shake my head and prepare for the coming electoral fight. Thanks for enduring that.

  4. I pulled a muscle in my brain.

    So...a large group of hard-working people are paying dues to an organization, which in turn is using those dues to assist another organization that is insisting that our government raise taxes on the employers of the workers providing the dues. That way, as the employers have less money, they can "let go" of the workers paying the it too much to hope that this whole Kafka-esque nightmare will consume itself and collapse?

    I'd love to write more, but I've got to get to work

  5. What a mess.... I prescribe liberal use of a fire hose and a front end loader.

    Repeat as necessary.

  6. Cold! They are such wimps. I've camped out in much, much colder weather. Heck, my daughter has too. Sissies!

  7. My mind runs a-muck with ways to mess with the occupy bunch. Maybe hand out sandwiches loaded with laxatives.

  8. Oooh! What Duke said! Then turn the firehoses on them.

    Our Occupants have been playing in federal court. The mayor sent the troops in to clean out Duncan Plaza and their feelings got hurt. A substitute judge granted them a TRO to stay in the plaza, but they couldn't have open fires or electrical cords and had to provide portapotties. The ranks shrank -- it's been cold in New Orleans! We shall see.

  9. Wow! That is disgusting!! Don't those people have jobs?!? Or did they quit them (and quit school) to sit on their lazy asses?!? That is just ridiculous people are trashy pigs, ruining parks and stinking up a city!

  10. Anonymous10:22 AM

    The SEIU is a big supporter of these smell varmits

  11. I maintain the people engaging in these things ARE middle-class. That's what makes it so ominous: nothing occurs politically without the dedicated support of middle class professional/merchant groups.

    Filthy hippies? Sure. The RichCollege in my town is overrun with them: filthy, badly dressed, hairy little pukes, all of whom are loaded with money, and whose parents are upper middle class. The alumni list of this place reads like a Who's Who of international policy wonks. Whether you like it or not, these are influential/dangerous people. Period.

    Think Woodstock: a bunch of dirty hippies. Who went on to dominate education in the US for fifty years? Who won that war? hmm? the honorable grunt in 'Nam, or the filthy hippie smoking dope and fucking chicks in the mud, after which they went on to stellar careers manipulating the US political body?

    Don't mock or denigrate an enemy. I don't care how much you dislike them: the fastest way to get your ass handed to you is to underestimate an enemy. If these people are your enemies, take them seriously and quit focusing on their clothing and BO.