Monday, January 16, 2012

More Occupy DC

I happened to have business downtown Washington DC again today and that business took me near Freedom Plaza, home (temporary, I hope) of one of the two Occupy camps in the city. I talked to some of the Occupods and found out that the group is actually run by two leaders, and they are Margaret Flowers, a pediatrician who quit her practice to lobby for Obamacare prior to landing this gig, and Kevin Zeese, an attorney who also quit his practice to be a full-time leftist activist. (Google either of them and you'll get a ton of hits linking to stories about them doing this and other stuff. They aren't amateurs by any stretch.)

Now I'm not sure what it pays to be the front people and leaders for an Occupy camp, but if it can draw an MD and a lawyer away from their practices, it's gotta be paying pretty good. Question is, who is paying them, and what are they being paid to accomplish?And isn't this the definition of an astro-turf movement? (That means that it's a fake grass-roots movement, for any liberals who happen by this blog.)

Anyway, there wasn't too much going on other than this fat bastard walking around wearing my country's flag as a scarf.I could be persuaded that flag-burning is a good thing in this case, so long as Bubba here is still wearing it when we apply the gasoline and a match. Take a good look at him, folks...he's the face of the Occupy movement.

They were also singing a song, accompanied by a guitar player. I couldn't hear it all, but it was about how much better the country would be without the 1% that they all hate so much. Now I would have loved to ask them who is supposed to pay all the taxes if the 1% ever went away, seeing as how that top one percent paid 36.7% of federal taxes in 2009. I doubt that anyone here would be willing or able to pick up the slack since they were all sitting around aimlessly during the middle of a business day. IN fact, when I was first walking by, I saw and heard one of their number going from tent to tent, loudly shouting that they had to wake up and report to General Assembly. I looked at my watch and it was 9AM. The sun had been up for almost three hours and most of the eastern time zone is already at work yet these alleged grown men and women need someone to come by and tell them to get out of bed. It's no wonder that they're all unemployed. These folks would still be unemployed if the unemployment rate was cut to 0.05%, and for the simple reason that they don't want to put the effort in to find and hold a job! That's why I don't understand them claiming to be upset about so much of our tax money being "given to corporations by congress". (Not by Obama though. He's still their guy.)
How can they be upset about any distribution of tax dollars when they don't work or pay taxes? It's not even their money that's supposedly being given away, just like its not their money that's paying for the extra police to watch them and to repair the damage that they've done to our public parks. You and I pay for all that stuff while these fools sit in their own filth and curse us for not forking over even more of our money to their pet causes-causes that even they don't work to support!

Screw these losers. I want an airstrike on these parks and I want them yesterday. Hit them with napalm, hit them with soap, hit them with job applications...whatever it takes to drive them off our land and out of our country since they seem to find so much fault with it.


  1. The #Occupy movement is the only reason I'm hoping for record snowfall this year.

  2. They will be the first ones to 'perish' when TSHTF.
    'nuff said.

  3. Gotta agree with Andy :-) And the real question is where are these 'leaders' staying? In the park, or in hotels? And who is paying their bills???

  4. My daughter says she wishes Darwin would kick in...

  5. @ Old NFO: These two leaders do not stay in the park at night. They reportedly commute home to a nice warm house in Baltimore. Tent camping in the winter is apparently the job of the useful idiots, not the leadership.

  6. I don't know if I can fault them for being in bed at 0900. If the only thing you're going to do all day is be where you already are, why get up?

  7. Zeese has skeletons in his closet. Big ones, ones that he'd prefer no one know about. The way I see it, Zeese is a person who as taken to the streets to decry moral decrepitude when he himself has exhibited moral corruption in his personal life to the degree that any average person, when faced with the facts, would question anything Zeese says.

  8. I am always left speechless when I hear more about these people. I am all for freedom of speech and freedom to express yourself, but an entire movement that says I don't want to do anything and you should have to pay for my life is odd at best. Especially, as you point out, Iif they arre successful get rid of the 1% how exactly will these deadbeats survive?

  9. I admire the tenacity and dedication of those who are staying on Freedom Plaza, on the cement, in the cold for their principles. I do not admire the squatters on McPherson Sq. who generally have proceeded without a permit and without adhering to the "rulz" regarding demonstrations/protests and delight in screwing with commuter buses, businesses surrounding their illegal encampment, etc.

    It is true, many of the so called leaders and others are finding apartments, other people's couches etc to spend the winter to plan for some giant spring extravaganza.

    So long as they stay off the bus route, comply with permits, obey the Park Service and other police types direction, I'm good with that.

    Liberal leftie here stumbling on this blog again . . . .