Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Sorry for the absence, but work's been calling--a lot--these last few days. I finally got today off, and most of it was spent sleeping. While I was gone, however, I was given a blog award--no, make that THREE blog awards--and I'm so (sniff) happy.
Here's the award:

I was award this prestigious award by:
ASM826 at Random Acts of Patriotism
Lila at Total Survivalist Libertarian Bitchfest
and Guffaw in AZ
To be so selected by one of those three awesome bloggers is an honor. To be selected by all three is... well three honors. Honor cubed?

Yes. Honor x honor x honor. Way cool. Even if two of the three said that they were really giving it to Murphy. ;-)

So by the rules, I now get to select five of my own honorees. (Then they get to select five, and so on, and so on and so on...)

So I select, in no particular order:

The Shekel
, because in time-honored tradition, if I gotta go, Aaron's gotta go, too. (Come the Revolution, someone please explain that to his wife after we've left, because she's still not quite getting this concept. (Luv ya, Tash!))

Borepatch for getting the guns, politics and snark quotient practically perfect.

From the Caer, because Proud Hillbilly is a great new shooter with lots of great opinions on things political..even if she is a cat person. Nobody's perfect.

Thunder Tales
. Ed Rasimus went from flying great jets and dropping stuff on the enemies of Freedom and Democracy to teaching and blogging about freedom and democracy...and he's funny, even when bad women drivers (redundancy alert!) are mowing down his mailbox.

And Home on the Range, because if the world had more red-headed pilots with guns who can cook, write and shoot like Brigid, we'd have a lot fewer wars...and the ones we did still have would be a lot more fun!

Others of you out there would have been named as well, but I see that you've already been selected. That's expected though, because the inner-circle of blog coolness is pretty small and about as inter-connected as Europe's political dynasties in the 19th Century (only in a good way this time.)

Peace out, Ya'll!


  1. Glad you are back! Yeah, after you got three I deferred.

    Congrats! Thanks for having a short acceptance speech though!

    Incoming on M-1 questions!

  2. @ Keads: Yeah, you'd have been in the list had you also not been so tagged previously. But bring the questions, because answers I got!

  3. Cool! I am coming at this cold! CMP has sold out of the spam cans of Greek stuff, only thing left is bulk. More later!

  4. Ahh. . thanks. . you understand why I can't help but here "I dropped a bomb on you. . . baby. . . and smile.

  5. Glad to be part of the triumverate on your behalf!

  6. Congrats, and gotta love the OT, right???