Monday, March 26, 2012

Family now admits Trayvon Martin was a drug user as they start looking for people to sue

And he was serving a suspension from school for possessing marijuana on the day that he was killed. And while it's still not clear if the photos circulating the internet that were allegedly from the kid's Facebook and other social media sites and which show him throwing gang signs and posing with guns and drugs are real, it's becoming clearer that he was no choirboy.

Still, George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin and who was apparently beaten by Martin before firing the shots, is probably going to wind up indicted before too much longer, and yes, that will probably happen in part because of the "outrage" of so many people, most of whom know even less about the events surrounding the shooting than I do, which is damned little indeed. Zimmerman screwed up when he perceived Martin as a threat, according to his own 911 call, and then exited his vehicle and began following Martin on foot instead of remaining in his vehicle as he'd been instructed to do by the 911 dispatcher. A claim of self-defense requires that the claimant have clean hands and not have done anything to escalate the situation into one where the use of deadly force would have been otherwise appropriate. Zimmerman, by leaving his vehicle and pursuing Martin, did just that. If he was formally trained as Florida's law requires for those who wish to carry a firearm for self-defense, he should have known better. That concept is a cornerstone of the NRA's 8hr Personal Protection course or comparable training that Florida's concealed carry law mandates.

I wish Zimmerman luck, because he's going to need it to get out of the fix that he put himself in. And as for all of the Martin supporters who claim to be so upset over the death of one black male at the hands of "some white guy", I have to ask them all where the anguish is for all of the other people--white, black, male, female, children and senior citizens--who are killed every day in this country by other black males? Is just this death and this death alone worthy of getting angry about? And would any of these people be angry today had Martin the black male just killed Zimmerman or anyone else for no real reason last month? Sadly, I think that we all know the answers to these questions.

Oh, and in the latest development, Martin's mother has spent some cash ($325.00 per filing) to try to trademark her son's name. Apparently this "grieving family" is starting to see the dollar signs flying around, and since there's no handy police department or big corporation to sue, they're planning to go after anyone who utters or prints the phrases “I Am Trayvon” or “Justice for Trayvon". Someone had better warn Obama before she trademarks "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."


  1. Wow. People are so stupid.

  2. This is typical of what happens when you get rabble-rousing sewage like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and their minor-league minions involved.

    Also, dollars to donuts says that the "trademark" idea came from Sharpton or one of the other rabble-rousers, who probably JUST HAPPENED to volunteer to oversee any funds that flow in as a result.

    All for the good of "Trayvon," of course.

    Every ethnicity has two groups--one that is respectable and mainstream and strives to move forward and who doesn't give a rat's rear end about skin color, spelling of names, etc.

    And then there's the other group whose actions pandemically feed the racist stereotypes and epitaphs that they so bemoan.

    I would say "the pot calling the kettle black" in this case except that it would not be a pun.


  3. Gee, who would have thought that.

  4. Now whites can't even protect themselves from blacks? Where are the whites who need to surround Zimmerman and demand he get justice. He was simply trying to help protect his neighborhood and we heard the phrases.."there's something wrong with him". That means he's strung out on drugs..period. And we also heard..."he's coming toward me". Sounds like Trayvon attacked Zimmerman while he was strung out on illegal drugs. Can't wait for the drug screen. Substance abusers are immensely desperate people who are either strung out, our going through immense withdrawals until they get their next fix. Any healthcare professional and cop knows Trayvons profile!

  5. +1 on AOA's comment... sigh

  6. I wish the professional race baiters would get as upset about black-on-black violence, since that is by far more common. Apparently if black man kills a black man it's OK.

  7. Now Zimmerman could have tried a citizens arrest IF he saw Trayvon committing a crime. But so far there is no evidence of that.

    Yes Zimmerman should have stayed in the car (heck I would have and I have a CHL.)

    Ok, well he wanted to be a 'hero', and now he will be a martyr. Be careful when you go looking for trouble for you might just find it.