Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Once-proud police dog rescued from life of abuse

There's not a whole lot that hacks me off as much as misconduct by those in power or abuse of loyal animals. This story has both.

Emaciated K-9 rescued from home of former police officer.

Color me hacked off indeed. So much so that I'd fly out to California on my own dime if Murphy could get in just sixty seconds of bite work on that POS, Francisco Ibarra. Ibarra is not--and probably never was--fit to wear a badge, and the city had best never restore him to duty after this. Feel free to write the mayor at eduardo.montesino@cityofwatsonville.org and let him know your thoughts. Rest assured that he's already received mine.


  1. That sucks! I concur with your assessment!

  2. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I am Po'ed

  3. But WHY? Why starve a dog?

    Now I've seen many times in the news about owners of livestock letting them starve due to lack of money AND not willing to sell the stock (usually horses and cows.) But one dog?

    Hell, we have a 'bachelor bird' that tried to say out of the freeze by sitting under the porch overhang. So I built a bird house for it and put it where it perches each night and now he hangs out there almost every night (well I'm sure he has nights out with buddies or a girl friend.)

    I'll never understand cruelty to animals. If I can't feed it, I'll give it to someone who can.

  4. That is just pathetic... sigh

  5. I agree with your assessment of the former officer's character. Oh yes, I do.

    And then some.

  6. Worst of all, the dogs we abandoned in Vietnam. You can still see their offspring.

  7. Comments withheld due to women and children being present...

    ...but I'd like to let our 110lb. German Shepherd - Ruger - loose on his a$$ for a few minutes...

    Dann in Ohio