Friday, April 13, 2012

Retired cop pulls gun and saves the day

Stepping up and intervening to save two police officers and putting a career criminal in the dirt. Great job, Lieutenant Thomas Barnes, NYPD(ret.)

The retired cop, Barnes, “really saved the day in my opinion. He must be a good shooter,” said Raffi Nakashian of Bayside, Queens, a security consultant for the BP gas station.

“[Wyatt] would have shot the two lady cops if this guy didn’t shoot first.”

Hey Mayor's that gun control of yours working out?


  1. Don't confuse Bloomberg with facts.

    Good people with guns prevail over bad people. But Bloomberg only thinks cops, rich, and politicians are 'good' people. Everyone else is just a serf.

  2. Good on him! He saved their lives!!!

  3. No doubt Wyatt “Booga” Rudolph, 23, was just turning his life around. He will be just another “senseless murder” in Bloomberg’s eyes.

  4. From the video that looked like a full 90-degree deflection shot on a moving target, with one going right in the lightbulb.

    That's some shootin' right there!

    Bloomberg will rationalize it this way: "This was a retired cop, who was very well trained and knew what he was doing, not some knuckle-dragging common citizen."