Sunday, April 29, 2012

Survival fail. Ur doing it wrong.

"Survivalist". Root word: Survive, which means "to live, to overcome adversity."

I'm pretty sure that it doesn't mean: "The act of spending eight years building a bunker with one way in and out, and then, after committing a heinous crime and disclosing the exact location of said bunker though poor opsec (operational security), giving up without even a token fight and shooting yourself in the head when the police show up."

Peter Keller, if there was a prize for failing, you'd win it, posthumously, of course.

Murderous moron kills self in underground bunker.

I don't feel bad in the slightest that this loser is gone, but I do feel bad for his two innocent victims, one of whom was still a teen. And of course he has to make us gun folk look bad on his way off the planet. Good riddance to him, I say.


  1. I wish they'd just remove "survivalist" from the headhealines and just replace it with "loon".

    Gives normal folks who prepare for a bad day a bad name.

    A tragedy he killed his own child and spouse in the process.

  2. "They said the fort appears to be amazingly fortified," she said.

    Brilliant deduction, Sgt. Sherlock!

    No expert I, I do believe that's one of the defining aspects of building a bunker...

  3. +1 on the Donald's comment... Geez... And it is sad that he killed the spouse and child (one wonders HOW anyone can kill your own child)...