Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My May Day activity

The Occupods and other Socialist losers ran around yesterday telling us all to "strike" today and not work, go to school or shop.

Well even if I supported their cause (which I don't, whatever it is), I fail to see how making myself poorer and dumber for a day would help it. So I did what any good American would do instead: I worked an extra job and put some overtime cash in my pocket, and I spent some of it on a nifty pre-owned Sig P229.
Not only did I do the opposite of what the loser-class wanted me to do, I also got something that might well come in handy if they keep getting aggressive and attacking the rest of us, like the five Occupy anarchists in Cleveland just tried to do. Keep it up, Occupiers...you'll all go the way of the Carrier Pigeon and the Dodo Bird if you try to declare war on those of us who love this country.

But back to my new Sig...
I really had to get one of these if for no other reason than to keep a promise.
Several months ago, I found a seller who had some of these for sale at a pretty good price. I immediately called up Aaron at The Shekel and told him about these Sigs. "Come on, Aaron," I enticed. You know that you want one. If you buy one, I'll buy one. What do you say?"

Naturally, in response to my arm-twisting, he bought one. Now I had intended to buy one too (honest!), but as I was going back on line to do so, I found this Trapdoor Springfield being offered by another seller, and...well you know how that sort of thing goes. By the time I went back to get one of the Sigs, they were sold out. Meanwhile, Aaron was inviting me to get with him for some shooting. "And when you come, bring your new Sig!"

Uh, yeah. About that...

I'd always kinda felt like Lucy tricking Charlie Brown into taking a run at the football for talking him into buying his Sig and then not buying one myself. But now I got one like I said that I would, and that's a load off of my conscience, let me tell you!

And come the day, I can probably pacify more rampaging Occupiers with it than I could with the Trapdoor Springfield, too.

Next purchase: a .357 Sig conversion barrel for it, so I can make use of all of the .357 Sig brass that I've scrounged up off of the range!


  1. I picked up a 228 from a friend and it's the best shooter I have.

  2. Poor you! Now you have TWO new guns. Enjoy.

  3. LOL, that's going the LONG way around to get one... :-)

  4. Heh and congrats, about time you picked one up.

    Enjoy as they're solid shooters. I guess shooting mine convinced you to get one.

  5. Good call, buying that 229. I have one just like it, used, from a friend. It eats everything fed to it, and, I've gotten to the point that I can hit the gongs from 30 yds and a little beyond with a lot of accuracy. Head shot accuracy. With a .40, that's pretty good (for me).
    One of the night- sights has somehow gotten out; so you know what I can do to fix that? It also came with laser sight grips, but the beam comes right where my finger lands outside the trigger guard after draw from holster (Don Hume). Have to work around that.
    Here in Texas, the DPS troopers use .357 Sig, so you'll have to let us know how different it is from .40.