Monday, May 21, 2012

A message from your kid's teacher.

OK, this PSA from America's schoolteachers makes me laugh, even though I despise the NEA. They really do have a point here.'s really not from the NEA.

Hat tip: Michael Graham, who really needs to come back to DC radio.
For those unfamiliar, Michael Graham was here once, and he was great. But WMAL fired him, just like they later did Fred Grandy and Andy Parks and like they doubtless will any other conservative who dares display a backbone by speaking ill of radical muslims or illegal aliens. But they still pretend to be a "conservative" radio station because, after all, they have Rush Limbaugh for three hours.


  1. Good one, and yeah Graham does tell it like it is!!!

  2. I can't remember where I saw this first, but I loved it. There is so much (sad) truth in there.

  3. Taking home $800/wk is pretty good money in a lot of places.
    Especially if you only have to work 8 months out of the year with A/C and Heat.