Friday, May 11, 2012

WW2 P-40 wreck found in Egypt

After 70 years...

Frozen in the sands of time: Eerie Second World War RAF fighter plane discovered in the Sahara... 70 years after it crashed in the desert.

The pilot, Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping, RAF, is still missing, however. It appears that he survived the crash, sheltered on-site for a bit, then walked away when he realized that no one was coming.

200 miles from anywhere. Little if any provisions. Damn.

But at least the plane may make it home again. The RAF museum in Hendon is trying to get it and bring it back. Here's hoping that they succeed and restore it to flying condition again.

RIP, Flight Sergeant Copping.


  1. Yep, sad story, but a possible recovery WILL put this piece of history on display!

  2. Dry heat of the desert leaves equipment in astonishingly good shape, considering its age....unlike the Pacific jungles. Read a story awhile back about a B24 that was found in the middle of the Sahara, in as good or better condition (its radio had been shot out or was malfunctioning, they flew past their base in the dark).

    Rest in Peace, airmen. Your job here is done.

  3. You wonder how many more relics are in that desert.

  4. kinda surprised that the local bedoins havn't stripped it.

    Glad to see it and a fitting memorial to the RAF Pilot.

  5. That kite was being ferried for repairs, but it did not make it.

    As RabidAlien said, a B24 named "Lady Be Good" overshot its base in Libya coming back from their first bombing mission in Italy. Crew thought they were still above the ocean and parachuted carrying their rubber dinghies once fuel ran out. Previously they had asked for direction finding but got somewhat disoriented.

    All but one of the unfortunate airmen were found, dead after several days of wandering in the desert, leaving traces for the search parties that could not find them in time.

    In the seventies, a BP surveying team found the B24 in its final resting position, as it glided gracefully with autopilot on and the desert was quite a flat surface to land on, even without flaps.

    Radio equipment was still functioning, and drinking water could be found in one reservoir...

    Brave young pilots, caught in the miseries of a war.

  6. I didn't know the British flew P-40s.

    It's good they are recovering the plane, awful how the pilot met his end.