Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama to blue-collar America: Screw you! I'm selling your country and your jobs to the illegals!

Because it's an election year and he's losing every other demographic.

Obama makes election-year change in deportation policy

So what if AMERICANS are facing double-digit unemployment? So what if the elected lawmakers and citizens who have voted in referendums across America have said no?

Barack Obama wants votes, and it's worth it to him to sell out American workers and America's culture if it means a chance that a few more hispanics will vote to keep him in power in November.

Have we ever had a president more self-absorbed and more unwilling to give America the finger every time he arrives at the crossroad of doing what the people want vs. doing what he and his wife/cronies/donors want?

I think that he's just beaten out both Clinton and Carter for that distinction...Maybe Johnson, too. Definitely Johnson. Johnson at least knew that America hated him and had the decency to not even bother running for a second term. But Barry? Barry knows that America is sick of him too, but rather than try to get back in our good graces, he just looks for new voters: Illegals and their extended families. American workers resent the increased competition for jobs or the dilution of their communities with foreigners who thumb their noses at America's laws? Tough. "What are they gonna do," Obama asks, "vote me out?" Apparently not as long as he can keep using tax dollars to campaign and party with Hollywood celebrity liberals non-stop until November.

Money for parking meter within walking distance of White House...check.

OK, I'm ready for the revolution now. Let's do this.


  1. you know, if what he was doing was:

    Ok, you got brought here as a minor child (and thus didn't have any control), and you've stayed out of legal trouble otherwise, here's your chance to become a citizen take it or leave the country with no charges filed....

    I'd be ok with it. Cause really, its not their fault that they were 5 when their parents decided to become illegals, and they've likely worked their butts off to stay clean and in work since, and we as a country could use that sort of person. But the "here have a job, just don't become a citizen" just pisses me off....

  2. @ Ruth: Don't overlook the fact that once one "child" illegal becomes legal through Obama's fiat, then they can turn around and sponsor their entire family.

  3. Murphy, correct on every point.

    Ya know, when America's first black (okay, half-black/Indonesian/whatever) loses the black vote & has to reach out to those who can't vote legally ... oh well, it's clear that the irony is lost on most, to begin with.

    Good points, though.

  4. I do realize that, and I'm not thrilled with that, BUT, those kids, who've worked their butts off and stayed clean, COULD BE very usefull in the society that we've built where our kids don't want to work for what's given to them.

    Either way giving illegals work permits is an incredibly stupid thing to do....

  5. Tar - check

    Feathers - check

  6. Anonymous10:49 PM

    It is time for the GOP to grow a steel spine and a big steel pair.

  7. I'm a fan of the pitchfork, myself. Torch is more of a wide-area implement, with little control of the aftermath (sorta like carpet-bombing...which has its place, I agree). The pitchfork is a precision tool. Clean(ish), quick, reusable, and little worry about collateral damage. Yeah. Gimme a pitchfork!

    ...with a scope!