Friday, June 22, 2012

Suing a kid? Seriously?

And this is why people hate lawyers and call for tort reform.

New Jersey woman sues kid after getting hit by baseball at little league game.

OK, so getting hit with a ball sucks, but $500,000? It doesn't hurt that much, lady. And the husband joining in, essentially claiming that his wife isn't as much fun in bed anymore, is just as ridiculous.

The end result is that the kid and his family suffers, and they have to pay even to defend themselves against this abortion of a lawsuit--thousands of dollars that they won't get back even if they prevail.

In my opinion, Elizabeth Lloyd, her husband, and their scumbag shyster lawyer Riaz A. Mian all need to be staked out in front of a pitching machine fr a few hours. And I'll be only too happy to keep feeding it quarters.


  1. Looks like they are asking for the exact amount of the families homeowners insurance policy, so likely the insurance company will be defending this case in court. The insurance company is probably wise to this sort of thing. Let's hope that at the end of the day the ambulance chaser has to pay court costs for his own loss.

  2. a little league game, she's suing some kid for whacking one into the stands? Or did I misread the article, and the baseball was actually bolted to the end of the metal bat which was then swung repeatedly at her whilst the tyke spewed venomous epitaphs at her in a most hateful manner? And the husband...c'mon...any "lady" who would stoop to the level of suing a kid for a good hit CAN'T be fun in bed...he's gotta be too scared of not pleasing her to have that much fun!

  3. Stake the "law"yer out on an ant hill, and I'LL bring the syrup!

  4. It's New Jersey--a state that has the most lawyers per capita of any in the U.S.

    That lady and her husband need their asses kicked up one side, then down the other.

    The lawyer needs a FOOTBALL shoved up his ass.

    All law schools need to burn. Period.


  5. This is simply beyond the pale...

  6. Another stillborn with too much money hiring a window licker lawyer.