Monday, July 30, 2012

Here we go again. On-line Ammo Sale Ban proposed

Two of America's foremost bed-wetters in Congress, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y., have jumped on the Colorado shooting as an excuse to try to ram through some of their dream legislation as part of their never-ending attempt to disarm you and me.

This time, it's be a bill aimed at ending on-line (and catalog sales) of ammunition by requiring all ammo sales to be face-to-face and requiring all sellers to be licensed. Oh, and of course there will be a reporting requirement, too Sellers will have to keep a record of how much we buy and immediately tell the government any time one of us buys more than a thousand rounds.

Bill Seeks Limits on Online Ammo Sales

As usual, this bill is penned in the blood of the victims of a criminal who wasn't swayed by any other laws that penalized what he did. It would not have stopped James Holmes, who bought his guns openly across the counter after showing ID and passing a background check, and it won't stop the next madman intent on doing harm to innocents. No, it'll only affect you, me and countless other law-abiding shooters. But as far as these Democrats are concerned, we're all James Holmes anyway, so who cares if we've done no wrong?

As for Lautenberg and McCarthy, I just want to show you two ninnies something:
This is the stored ammunition for just one of my guns. You are looking at 10,300 rounds of 7.62x51mm ammo, all linked for the M-60 machine gun.

I have a lot more guns, and I have ammo for all of them, too, totaling much more than you see pictured here. I hope that every hoplophobe in Washington, DC sees this and loses sleep over it tonight.

That ammunition was lawfully purchased by me, an American citizen who has never committed a serious crime. My right to own and use that ammo and the firearms that they were intended for is guaranteed by the Constitution of these United States, specifically Amendment Two of the Bill of Rights. That Amendment, penned and signed by men who were brighter asleep than Lautenberg or McCarthy are on their best day, was added to our nation's seminal framework because our nation's founders wanted us to have the ability to oppose an oppressive and tyrannical government such as Lautenberg and McCarthy seem intent on creating. Our nation's founders knew that armed citizens like me aren't a threat to this nation in the way that career politicians like Lautenberg and McCarthy are, which is why they included the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in our Constitution.

All I can say to the likes of Lautenberg and McCarthy is that I recognize your proposed ban as what it really is: an incremental step towards the eventual disarming of us all. I can also tell you that it's not going to happen easily because there are more of us gun owners today than there ever have been before (Thanks, Obama!) and we'll stop you at the ballot box so long as there are still free elections.

And should the day come that free and fair elections fail, there's still this flag that'll fly here, and at a lot of other gun patriots' homesteads:
And as a courtesy to my neighbors, should you actually come and try to take the ammo mentioned above, please approach the Lair from the west as there will be a better backstop behind you. Thanks.

I'se ready for 'em! Which way is west again?

Edited to add: Now Obama is "evaluating it", which means floating a trial balloon to see if it'll hurt his re-election chances to advocate for it openly before the election.


  1. Heh! Go get'em Murphy!

  2. Hell, just let Murphy loose... That'd take care of the problem! I'll be coming in from the EAST!

  3. @ Old NFO: No worries. Murphy knows your ride half a mile down the hill.

  4. Already wrote my Congressman about this. I really wonder if the Democrats who legislate this crap have brain damage. Every time they do this it either gets shot down outright, or causes such a stink for them they have to back track their positions. Especially in an election year. I hope they go full force on gun control so that many of the moderates will vote the other way this election cycle.

  5. East approach, got it! You can tell me by my old woman driving in an old Mustang, LOL!

  6. Oh, Keads, do NOT get him started on comments about old woman driving!

  7. @ Keads: Murphy likes old Mustangs so you're golden.

    @ PH: I wasn't even gonna mention you! ;-)

  8. My wife said "WHY did he need 6000 rounds of ammo?", and then I showed how "big" a pile 6000 rounds was.
    Knowing how much I shoot (when I get the time), she said "Oh....that's not very much. Why did they make such a big deal out of it?".

  9. Not going to happen. It will however cause price increases and less availability because of gun owners that panic buy.