Thursday, July 05, 2012

OK for me, but not for thee...

Ex-marine guilty of smuggling chrome-plated AK-47 from Saddam Hussein's honour guard into U.S.

OK, if everything that the media reports about this guy is true--or even part of it--he's probably a scumbag. And only reaching Staff Sergeant after twenty years would suggest that the guy wasn't one of the Corps' best and brightest.

But still--how does anyone from the Justice Department stand up with a straight face and cal this guy a criminal when by smuggling that weapon into the country, he only did on a micro scale what our government did on a macro scale to Mexico? At least his one souvenir AK-47 didn't kill any American Law Enforcement agents, which is something that the Justice Department cannot say about the hundreds of guns that they allowed to be sent to the Mexican drug cartels under Fast and Furious.

Yet no one gets punished for Fast and Furious, and Eric Holder--a public servant paid with our tax dollars--gets a total pass for refusing to provide documents to our own elected representatives.
"This case sends a strong message that we will continue to investigate those who illegally possess and distribute dangerous weapons such as machine guns," Naval Criminal Investigative Service Acting Supervisory Special Agent Albert Nelson said in a statement Tuesday.
Yeah, whatever...

In a just nation, either Joel Miller needs to be cut loose or Eric Holder needs to be given the top bunk in Miller's cell.


  1. I would like to know how he got busted. It didn't used to be that hard to bring stuff back from a war zone. In my experience customs was a joke.

  2. @ Duke: It sounds like he was bragging and showing it off after getting it here and someone dimed him out.

  3. Seems Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea have filed a complaint against Holder with the D.C. bar association.

    Is this something any citizen can do?