Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's that dog drinking?

Why it's FLYING DOG beer!

And why would he be drinking that? Well maybe it's because he took his first flight today.
Yep. Murphy hopped right in as soon as he saw me prepping the plane. He even figured out the little step on the wheel strut all by himself. As soon as he realized that I was going in the plane, he determined that there was no way that he was getting left behind. So he got in, and I fastened the seat belt through a chest harness that he was wearing, and off we went.

We overflew our favorite dive quarry and surprised some of the locals out fishing on a boat in the middle of it.
This quarry is off-limits to fishing and boating, but on my overflights I've located no fewer than three small boats hidden on it's shorelines. And I just caught this one stone cold out on the water.
Silly locals. Can't hide from the eye in the sky.

Then it was a couple of turns around Harpers Ferry.

Here I am adding some back pressure to the yoke (while taking pictures) and giving the turn-and-bank indicator a workout.
Much as I'd like to be lower, no sense in torquing off the residents just for a few pics...especially as this plane has a pretty prominent N-number on it's fuselage.

And naturally I took precautions to protect Murphy's ears from the noise.
I haz Mutt Muffs on!

I need a house like this one, out towards Shepherdstown.

Then it was back into the airport. Flight time: 1.1 hours. And Murphy behaved better than he normally does on a car ride. Next trip back to Michigan, I think I've got me a co-pilot.

Now I just have to find me a small vacuum cleaner. So much dog hair. It looks like a wookie exploded in the back seat.


  1. That is cool as hell. Go Murph! Nice Ear Pro too.

  2. Awesome! Next time, introduce him to the zero-G descent, see how he likes floating!

  3. I can't even get Angus to behave in the truck. Murphy is The Dog!

  4. And no doggie air sickness - cool!

  5. @ Six: Murphy is still a nightmare in the car. Worst riding dog I've ever had. So he doesn't get too many accolades.

  6. LOL, that had to be interesting... Too bad you couldn't video Murphy's responses...

  7. Do you let Murphy stick his head out of the airplane in flight?

    Just wondering...

  8. Beer and an airplane ride...In my next life I want to come back as Murphy.